Geranium and care for it

Gerani – undemanding and ohotlivo blossoming flowers. When a geranium, courting her in the home environment is the key to the duration of its blossoming

Geranium on the window sill[/caption]

In environments of home decorating content types decorative geranium hold not less than 4 years. However, competent care can help stretch the livelihoods of burgeoning instance to 10 years and longer. How to care for geraniums that it flourished for a long time remained a beautiful and strong?

The climatic conditions

In view of the fact that the geranium from South Africa, you have to create a similar atmosphere in your own home. Of course, this does not mean that you need to regularly keep the indoor temperature 30 ° C and watered heavily with water.

It is necessary to hold the wet soil in a pot, and to provide the necessary light”Kalach”. Extremely comfortable temperature for the flower – from +10 to + 30C. Neediness geranium in excellent illumination is predetermined by the fact that in her homeland is traced maximum number of sunny days per year.

atmospheric humidity and watering

Important!Polivka obliged to remain abundant and systematic. Summer ground under a bush need to moisten as soon as there are signs of dry earth coma. In winter, watering saturation significantly less.

On average, the culture is poured at least 1 per 10 hours. The soil should not be dried completely. If on the bush the leaves turn yellow, taking care of geraniums at home should rethink. Undoubtedly, the culture takes little water, or the roots, sensing the humidity surplus steel rot.

Watering geranium

Transplanting geranium in courtship at home and to make culture in the garden

How to care for geraniums at home, if the roots of a culture entirely wound ball, in a pot of soil, and there is not much big bush quite soon afterwards chives significantly fade?

Propagation geranium

Then do not do without transplanting, delivering geraniums and other domestic crops, the real stress. Greenish favorite move into a new pot must be carefully without disturbing the existing earthen clod, not more often than once every 2 years. Each year, only allowed to pour a small amount of new substrate.

To Geraniums Blooming it was long and rich culture is well developed and provided fresh shoots are needed:

• flabby, provided the soil nutrients;

• Powerful drainage system;

• a small pot with an approximately equal depth and width.

Diseases and pests

Thanks to its own properties, Pelargonium ill parasites are extremely rare. From among geraniums diseases most likely to be fungal, and viral. Different species of rot, leaf corrosion or blackleg – a fungal disease, cure them by wiping the leaves with a solution of fungicide.

Pests have little geranium. What flower are suffering from parasites, take notice, finding the back of the leaves produce parasites life. Fighting with them, cultivating leaves specific solutions against pests. Repeatedly in geranium leaves turn yellow and inexperienced gardeners is taken for the disease.