Why do leaves turn yellow in the geranium. What to do?

Geranium is distinguished by its beauty and delicate flavor. Proper care of these plants do not complex. There are many varieties of geranium, and for the most part of their primary caregiver is the same. With proper care the plant lovers can ensure a long and healthy life for their pets.

The reasons for the appearance of yellow leaves from Geranium

Many people who have homes there, this flower is often questioned in dry geranium leaves and yellow edge. This is the most common problem when geranium leaves become light green and then yellow.

Why yellow geranium – it may be caused by a variety of problems, although some are more common than others. Flower dislikes large spaces, drafts and excessive dryness of air, low temperatures and sharp change places.

Discoloration of the leaves may look similar, but there are slight differences.

Additional informationThe natural leaf death – a common cause, when the lower leaves regularly turn yellow, wither and fall off. Do in this case does not need anything.

Since the plant loses its attractive appearance, it is recommended a partial pruning of the stem in the spring, which will accelerate the emergence of new leaves.

excess and lack of fertilizer

Why yellow geranium leaves in the home? In some cases, it may be caused by a lack of nutrients.

  • The young leaves and stems with iron deficiency begin to turn yellow. The presence of iron in the soil depends on its acidity (the higher, the more available).
  • A zinc deficiency can lead to the fact that the leaves turn yellow, shrivel and may even become purple. Roots and shoots stop growing.
  • nitrogen deficiency slows the growth of plants, and the lower leaves begin to turn yellow, and their tips turn brown and then die.
  • A magnesium deficiency manifests itself in the fact that the older leaves turn yellow, starting from the center.
  • Copper deficiency can lead to stunted growth of young leaves, and in some cases they can acquire a bluish tint. Color change begins at the leaf base. It will also stop the growth of flowers.
  • phosphorus deficiency leads to the fact that the tips of the leaves turn brown and die.

Diseases and pests

Although it is quite hardy plants, pests and diseases can affect geranium.

In bacterial infection on the leaves appear brown, round, wet spots on the leaves. Usually this is caused by too much moisture and heat. If you do not take appropriate measures, the stems will shrink and die.

Gray mold causes the formation of brown spots on the leaves. It can spread throughout the sheet and cause the premature death of the flowers. It often develops in cool, wet weather.

Viruses – another potential disease, which can cause yellowing of leaves. They can deform the leaves, forming a yellow ring.

Geranium: home care, and why leaves turn yellow

Proper care of the geraniums in the apartment includes providing them with sunlight for six to eight hours a day. They prefer moist, well-drained soil.

Note!The lack of moisture, as either its excess leads to the deterioration of the state flower. If the lower leaves of the plant turn yellow, it may indicate that too much water.

The quality of the soil and water for irrigation

Between watering is necessary to give the soil to dry out, otherwise the roots may rot. Good drainage will ensure the normal development of the root system of the plant. Water for irrigation is needed soft, so it is advisable to defend.

Geranium – heat-loving plant, and from the slightest draft can be covered with yellow leaves.

Regular fertilization is also an important part of caring for geraniums. Yellow leaves on the whole plant may mean that you need it to feed fertilizer that geranium needed for some time. In a few weeks will improve the condition of a plant after fertilization. Monthly feeding fertilizers will support the flower. It is possible to use water-soluble fertilizer at every third watering.

The reasons why the geranium leaves turn yellow and dry:

  • abundant or rare watering;
  • no drainage in the pot;
  • a small pot – roots can not develop normally and grow;
  • improper care in winter – a flower does not like drafts, high temperatures, especially near a heating duct;
  • a large amount of nitrogen in the soil. </ li>

Geranium flowers have long been known. They purified air from harmful elements have healing properties. Why do leaves turn yellow in the geranium room – it’s the most common question among gardeners. The plant is subject to the phenomenon for many reasons, and as soon becomes aware of the basics of care for geraniums, they will be easier to grow and have fun.