Reproduction geranium

Geranium – commonly known and very widely flower which grows on balconies, terraces or hang-downing compact clumps. The plant is hardy and blooms all summer long.
Photos arm of geranium
The cuttings of geranium

Reproduction geranium

For the growth of the flower is ideal even for novice gardeners. They can be grown outdoors in the flower beds or pots.

Important!Geranium like direct sunlight, so it is advisable to place them where there is enough heat and light, or a small shadow. If they are located entirely in the shade, they will cease to bloom, and will be subject to disease.

During the growing season, dry and remove the old stems, leaves and faded blossoms.

How propagated geraniums? As is known, geraniums can be propagated by cuttings or seed. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages.

Distribution of geranium seeds reduces the transmission of the disease, but the method is rather complicated.

Breeding geranium cuttings procedure available to all lovers of flowers. A simple and quick method allows to multiply your favorite varieties.

Cuttings geranium

As of grafted geraniums? Leaf cuttings – a stem with several leaves. Propagation by cuttings of geraniums at home can be carried out at the end of August and the end of September or in spring when vegetation begins. This operation is relatively simple.

Additional information!Qualitative young cuttings are taken only from healthy plants. It is also important that they are well matured shoots. The most suitable temperature for the rooting of 18-20 ° C.

  • Use a pruner or pruning knife with a very sharp blades that have been previously disinfected.
  • Slice off a healthy, not flowering stem, 10 cm in length, with 3-5 leaves.
  • Slightly shorten it and remove the leaves at the base.
  • Fill the pots with a mixture of peat and sand or a special soil mix.
  • Water the soil mix
  • When the water is well absorbed, plant cuttings, making sure that they do not touch each other.
  • Cover the container is a transparent plastic bag and placed in a sunny place
  • After 8-10 days, when the cuttings have formed roots, planted them in separate pots.

Geranium rooting in water

How to plant geraniums appendage without roots? Many plants can easily and quickly take root in water. Geranium also possible to implant thereby. In cuttings removed by the lower leaves to the water surface, they are placed in a suitable container and put in a bright place, but not in direct sunlight. Regularly change water. Once the root system was formed, to put plants in the ground.

geranium rooting cuttings photo
Pelargonium rooting cuttings

How to grow geraniums from seed

Growing geraniums from tiny seeds take a long time, but if you have an interest in growing plants from seeds, it is worth a try. Each year, the market added many varieties and hybrids, which are attracted to flowering and flower shape.

pelargonium seedlings picture
pelargonium Seedlings from seeds

NoteAll kinds of geraniums mostly propagated vegetatively – cuttings. In recent years, hybrid varieties were bred lines of the F1, which can easily reproduce by seeds.

The garden stores or online stores, you can buy seeds Pelargonium classic varieties and novelties. Seeds geranium F 1 characterized by a high and uniform germination. This is achieved by a complex chemical or mechanical processing them. Without this treatment, the seeds germinate geranium for a very long period of time.

But even the seeds of the highest quality should be ensured good conditions for sowing, to get good results. This means: selection of a suitable substrate temperature adherence 20-24 °C during the day and night, and humidity. To comply with these conditions is not easy, so sometimes even professional prefer to buy young plants for breeding.

Pelargonium from seed when planted to summer blooming? It will take approximately six months to grow a nice big geraniums from seed. The best time for planting geraniums – from mid-January to mid-February.

Choose a special container for planting, and fill them with potting soil. The substrate must be rich in nutrients. It should be steamed with hot water to prevent infection in the soil.

Place the seeds 2 cm from each other to have seedling was plenty of room for development.

Lightly cover the seed with soil and placed in a greenhouse or on a window. It is advisable to cover the fresh crop of thin glass. Regular ventilation prevents drop seedlings and plants become more resistant.

The seeds will sprout in a week. When the plants will be two pairs of leaves, transplant them into small individual pots.

Six weeks later the plant can be transplanted to a permanent pot.


Small plants begin to feed when they have about 5 true leaves, using any liquid universal fertilizer, suitable for geraniums.

Geranium usually pruned in the fall, some manufacturers prefer to spring pruning.

Seedlings Pelargonium photo
pelargonium Seedlings

Geraniums love the sun, require irrigation and can be fertilized. The recipe is simple prolonged flowering – full sun, plenty of moisture and regular meals. If you regularly remove faded blossoms, plants will bloom longer period.