Pelargonium. Care. Winter care

Pelargonium – a houseplant that is also called geraniums. This flower was a period of prosperity not only popularity, but also oblivion. Undemanding plants used in garden design and in indoor horticulture. There are new varieties and species of pelargonium, which are becoming increasingly popular in ornamental horticulture.

Preparing planting material

If you grow pelargoniums as regular summer flowers, buying the planting material in garden centers or flower shops, this section can safely skip. If you grow the queen cells to self-rooting cuttings, or you have a variegated and regal pelargonium, this information will be useful to you.

Good to know!to get to the next year of strong healthy seedlings, you need to keep the queen cells.

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Save the plant is not too difficult, especially if you have a spare seat in the house. It is only necessary to dim (by pelargonievym ideas, of course) during the winter months, when all the processes and plants slowed down in a cool place Pelargonium (5-10S), better well-lit place. And if because of lack of space, you have to throw the plants, take cuttings from them on rooting. In winter, leave only healthy plants. Carefully inspect the upper and underside of the leaves. Pelargoniums with signs Destroy bacterial disease not to infect other plants.

Preparing for winter

Correct to start preparing for winter in August. With the approach of autumn is necessary to reduce the dose and frequency of fertilizing fertilizer. Then Pelargonium”understand” that it is vacation time, and will cease to grow. In September, are the first frost on the ground. As Pelargonium do not tolerate temperatures below 0 C, pots, standing in the garden, you should make the night in a room protected from frost. Leave them there permanently or for a day to stand on the street, depending on your choice. If you have decided that it is time to leave them in the overwintering, then remove the old blossoms, buds and leaves are dried.

Balcony boxes can hold the open air for a total of a strong cold snap, around October. Grandiflorum royal pelargonium”Angel” and most of the”wild” species to abundant flowering the next year, maintenance is required in cold conditions at a temperature of about 5C for six weeks. That is they just can begin to take the course”cool” and stay the night on the balcony until November, but just in case covers them lutrasilom. Watering at this time, of course, stopped. Typically, only a light spraying with water leaves, like dew in the wild. Of course, glass loggia for this fit perfectly, and there Pelargonium can be kept up to the frost.

Dig a flower bed of pelargoniums before the first night frost. Cut the shoots, leaving 15-20 cm, remove all the leaves from the roots shake earth, plants soak in a solution of fungicide and prikopalis in a box or in plant pots.

Important!Treatment will prevent loss of gray mold.

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If you plant a lot, then do so: a few plants are collected into bundles, put the pan in rows in a box with a layer of moist peat and covered with peat to the top. Now you can put them in a cool place. If the temperature is greatly reduced, it is possible to pour more peat. Plants are planted in the spring, put on a well-lit, protected from frost and watered. Thus Pelargonium can be stored in a cellar, attic or on the landing, t. E. Without light.

Plyuschelistiye Pelargonium, especially varieties with long drooping shoots, very cumbersome, and move them into the room, and most importantly, to place – not an easy task. On insulated balcony, protected from frost, Pelargonium can overwinter and in boxes. Drooping shoots shorten shears or scissors.

Conventional pelargonium pots easier than drawers, placed in the winter and spring when growth begins, you can push them a little bit to give each plant more space and light.

Home care

So, returning to the house Pelargonium need to put in a cool, bright place. The optimum temperature for overwintering 4-10S. They will suffer and its short-term drop to 2-3S. If this happens, then they will turn red leaves, but then the green color will return. (Negative Temperature is completely unacceptable!) At this time, the land will dry more slowly and water the plant will be once a week, or even less. Excess irrigation lead to weak neurite long brittle pale shoots. Once again, pay attention to this point: reduce watering, if the temperature is lowered!

Please do not make the mistake of: Plants are living beings and care depends on a set of conditions. It is not necessary to follow the instructions, not consistent with the conditions. It happens that the plant is near a heater or the air temperature in the 25 ° C room and the plant dries up, because the owner is sure that the winter is enough to water once a week.

NoteAnother important condition – the air must circulate freely around the plant


Regularly inspect the plant and, if you suddenly find pests or signs of disease, use of pesticides.

This contributes to the wintering in the future development of the beautiful and compact”bush” in zonal pelargonium and strong regrowth of shoots in ampelnyh pelargonium.

If you only have one suitable for pelargonium window, you can make a ladder with metal staves with wide steps and substitute it to the window. In such a ladder consisting of 5 steps or 5 boxes fit several individual pots with plants. Of course, they may lack the light, and then the bloom comes later. But after the plant will be outside in the wild, they are in for a month to catch up and will not be different from the fellow, overwintered in the best conditions, for example in a cool greenhouse.

Sometimes on wide window sill in a warm room, some varieties of pelargonium zonal grow well in winter. It even happens that they bloom. Such plant growth slows down significantly in the spring.

Pelargonium – an excellent plant for the home. The plant releases into the air a substance that is detrimental effect on bacteria and viruses. It is abundant and diverse blooms when it put in a bright place, time and water the crop shoots.