Varieties of geranium

Aromatic geranium (Pelargonium) characterized by compact growth and characteristic aroma. This flower is one of the most popular plants because the content of geranium in the home is not difficult. She does not need special care, enough to water it once a week.
Royal Pelargonium grandiflora
Pelargonium grandiflora

Description Pelargonium

There are over 300 species of geranium, and most of them grow in the wild in South Africa. However, some species grow on our window sill, in the boxes on the balcony, in the garden, the variety of which we can admire the whole summer.

Meadow Geranium picture
Geranium field

Looks like a geranium? They are fragile and long stems, which eventually become woody. With good care they bloom profusely. Their leaves are shiny, relatively stable.

Geranium is well spread in recent decades. The choice of colors is no longer limited to pink, white or red. Now it’s bright combination. The leaves are just as diverse, with different shades.

Pelargonium pink photo
pink geranium flower

Colorful and fragrant geranium bring the beauty and usefulness of the house. Fragrant leaves contain essential oils and smell great. Their scent repels mosquitoes. Flavored leaves can be successfully used in cooking: add in a jam or jelly, replacing the lemon zest. Placed in dough for baking cakes, can be used for the production of medicinal syrups.


Balcony Pelargonium available in a variety of species derived from crosses species, including a very large number of varieties. Geraniums can be divided into four main groups:

  • zonal geranium;
  • scented geraniums;
  • large-;
  • hederacea.

The best known are Zonale-hybrid, known popularly as simple geranium. Round woody stems, in the form of a small bush 35 cm high. The leaves are darker arcuate pattern. The flowers are large, simple or complete: red, pink, purple or white. It flowers from April to October.

The second group of is a geranium with fragrant foliage, the smell of which can resemble a rose, pine, lemon or mint. Their popularity has increased in recent years.

fragrant Pelargonium (scented geranium)
citric Pelargonium

Geraniums with fragrant leaves a little-known, commonly grown as a houseplant. However, they are often quite resistant to growing in the garden on summer days. Aromas of geranium different species. Pleasantly fresh lemon aroma is Pelargonium graveolens. There geranium leaves that smell like roses, have an apple flavor, peppermint, eucalyptus and sweet-spicy smell.

Pelargonium scented apple
Pelargonium scented Gourmet
Geranium Gourmet Grandeur odorata Orange
Pelargonium scented Orange odorata

Lemon Scented geraniums have been bred in Europe in the late 18th century through natural mating, and then improved by selection. Aromatic plant has a very pronounced lemon flavor. Geranium citric grown in tropical areas for the production of essential oils used in the manufacture of perfumes, insect repellents and in the food industry.

Scented geranium is also a medicinal plant, known for its many features: antibacterial, antifungal, astringent, styptic and tonic.

Or large-English geranium are some of the most beautiful flowers. They usually are grown as houseplants and blooming really beautiful flowers from April to June. flower petals are often bi-colored or monochromatic. Large-grown geraniums in white, pink, red, purple. They bloom mainly in the spring months, when high summer temperatures the flowers are not formed. They need a sunny window seat, protected from the strong midday sun.

Pelargonium rozebudnaya Pink rambler
Red rambler pelargonium

Ivy Geranium (Pelargonium Peltatum)

The most famous and one of the most beautiful and very interesting species. In geranium leaves like ivy leaves. Flowers are not only simple, but complete. Single flower resembles a flower of azaleas can be up to five centimeters in diameter.

The stems of this species freely hang and decorative fall on the edge of the pot. Over time, geranium creates a dense, strongly branched shrub that can reach heights of up to 50 centimeters. This is one reason why it is sometimes necessary, especially in the spring, cut it back. The plant will create new growth, and return to their original dimensions. Average time of flowering from spring to autumn. Thin stalks hanging down freely, making them most suitable for hanging in containers for flower boxes.

Additional information!Potted plants placed on the sunny windows. Only in the very hot summer they can be put outside in a sheltered place: the flowers can not tolerate dew and therefore rain


Pale pink and white variety is suitable for hanging containers.

Silk swan pelargonium photo
Silk swan pelargonium

Unusual types

New varieties appear each year: rich flowering, resistant to weather conditions, large flowering buds.

  • Ringed geranium. A characteristic feature of this kind is a circular pattern on the leaves. The flowers are red, crimson, scarlet, and rarely white.
  • Cascade pelargonium has a very rich flowering, creating overhanging the cascades of flowers.
  • Dwarf varieties. In floriculture were mini-flowers, height only 20 cm and flowering smaller flowers. Stand out in a combination of dark purple centers with delicate purple edges.
  • Gravelens Pelargonium scented, leaves with the scent of lemon rose.
  • Antique Pink zonal hybrid form a very broad umbrella of flowers. They are very bright pink color is softened by a touch of white.
  • Citronella. If you knead it leaves, they will emit a citrus fragrance.
  • Pelargonium Lara Harmony Terry, with bright pink flowers, like roses. The bush is compact and bushy.
    Lara Harmony
    Geranium Lara accordion

Note!Pelargonium Lara Harmony amazing beauty!

Yellow Pelargonium – a very rare flower.

Geranium can be combined in one pot with other flowering plants, herbs or plants with ornamental leaves. Yellow, purple and red flowers in a pot look really good.

Pelargonium Furst yELLOW
yellow Pelargonium first yellow

Features care

Hanging geranium varieties should be planted in higher containers or boxes, so that they can develop in accordance with their character growth.

  • If the edges of the leaves turn yellow, require more watering.
  • If the plant has enough moisture and fertilizer, and the leaves fall off, it should be moved to a brighter place.
  • Fertilizer Watering is very important once a week, you can also use a slow release fertilizer to the soil.
  • Moderate watering without wetting the flowers.
  • transplant is necessary for luxuriant growth and abundance of flowers.

Note!The light for growing and flowering geraniums require fertilizing and regular removal of faded flowers to ensure continuous flowering.

All groups at home equally propagated by cuttings. The best time for this operation is the end of summer, since still good lighting and heat. As the cuttings can use the young shoots from the parent plant. Scissors or a knife cut the stem so that it was at least three buds from which after a short time there will be new shoots. Geranium suitable lightweight substrate with a predominant share of peat, as their roots completely fill the pot.

Pelargonium rozebudnaya Rococo
Pelargonium Rococo

Fertilize them once a week, and the flower will reward lush flowering from May to late autumn.

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Geranium Himalayan Garden: Planting and care

Geraniums can be used in the garden in different ways, for them is also easy to care for.

They are valuable flowering plants that give structure to the garden flowerbed. The curb these flowers are often associated plants. It blooms from May to September (depending on variety).

geranium Himalayan garden
Geranium Himalayan himalayense Plenum (Birch Double)

Geranium thrives in moist, fertile, well-drained soil. The soil should not be too wet, as they tolerate drought better than bogging. However, different types have different requirements: one geranium like sunny and humid places other shady dry soil.

Richard Pelargonium Hudson (Richard Hodgson)
Pelargonium Richard Hodgson

In the spring after pruning can begin to fertilize the plant every 2-4 weeks until the end of July, end in August.

Withered flowers and leaves should be removed regularly during the growing season. This stimulates the plant to form new leaves and flowers.

Geranium dark Samobor
Geranium red-brown Samobor (Samobor)

A variety of geraniums is very large, and to inspire new varieties growing with attractive flowers, leaves, fragrance or growth form.

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