Zamioculcas – indoor plant

Zamioculcas (dollar tree) – a beautiful flower room. At home, he almost did not bloom, but its shiny green leaves decorate the interior of any room. He is very decorative! Caring for the plant needs a minimum, and at the same time he encouraged the host eye.

Dollar tree[/caption]

Exotic plant has recently gained popularity. In the late 90’s, the Dutch nurseries offered buyers first zamiakulkasy. Undemanding plant has become not only a favorite house plant, but a perfect fit for landscaping offices.

Flower is suitable for almost any soil, and it is well feel and perform in hot and cool place, does not require spraying. Only excess watering during the cold season it is contraindicated, as the plant does not tolerate water stagnation.

Effective and undemanding succulent grows in height from 30 to 100 cm. Its fleshy leaves, stems and roots act as a moisture storage. Thicken at the bottom of the stalks that grow directly from the underground part of the – of the tuber are located oval, shiny dark green leaves. Beautiful leaves have the right shape and are all the same size. Leaf coated with a layer of natural wax, which protects the plant from pests and diseases, sunburn and safeguard against excessive moisture evaporation. Waxy coating on the leaves gives them a chic look.

Note!There is a growing”dollar tree” slowly adds only a few new leaves a year. Term life – 5-10 years


Care of potted succulent

Because of their small requirements for the care of indoor flower is easy to grow, it does not require any special care.

Flowering Zamioculcas

Location and lighting for a flower

He prefers diffused bright light, but direct sunlight harmful to him. It can grow almost anywhere, quickly growing in the shade, where it gets deep green color of the leaves, but if sunlight too little can turn yellow foliage.

Great place for the flower will be the southern side of the apartment, but not the window sill, and the place beside him. In the summer, it is best to grow”dollar tree” in the open air, whether it is an open terrace or balcony. You can carry it in the garden and place in the shade of trees. In the autumn, as soon as the nights become cooler, the plant should be put in the apartment.

The required temperature

This plant can tolerate almost any temperature drops, but the temperature is below 12 degrees can be fatal for it. For him, the ideal temperature in the room is about 20 ° C and winter plant may feel great room at + 16- + 18 ° C. but it is necessary to protect against drafts.

The plant grows well in apartments with central heating, easily tolerates dry air.


Watering in home care is considered to be one of the highlights. If watering is not correct, it may cause a variety of problems, may even plant


Important!Water for irrigation should be defended.

Zamioculcas – houseplant, which can be a long time not to water because of its hollow kornevischam- kartoshinu. Without water, it can easily manage up to two weeks. Flower collects moisture, and then for a long time it consumes. When the primer is dry, only then should it to humidify.

Note!Ground ball from irrigation to irrigation should dry out. That bay often leads to death of the plant.

Oversupply of moisture can lead to the appearance of dark spots on the stem and root rot. Therefore, the plant should be watered from time to time, when the soil is completely dry, and excess water in the sump is drained immediately after watering. In winter, reduce watering to 1 time per month.

Exotic loves spraying but to keep the leaves clean, must be periodically cleaned with a damp cloth, because it strongly attracts dust.

Feeding Zamioculcas

This type has low feeding. If it is necessary to grow a large bush, it fed into the period of active growth. Should feed fertilizer for cacti and succulents.

In winter, the plant is better not to fertilize at all, and in the spring, during the growing season, make a mineral or organic fertilizers.


Transplanted houseplant in the case where the roots will not fit in the pot. The best time for grafting – spring. Soil should be light and rich in nutrients. The soil can be purchased at a flower shop.

When transplanting the roots are removed with the old soil, and covered rhizome in a new container with fresh soil. Shallow planting, the tubers should protrude above the surface of the ground, so as not to bury the growing point. When burial occurs them rot. Flower after landing is not watered.

Reproduction Zamioculcas at home

Reproduction indoor flower – the process is very simple.

This plant can be propagated by division as a bush and rooting stalked leaves. This is best done in spring. Pots pick up small new only slightly larger than the old. At the bottom poured drainage to tubers with excess water not rot.

During the multiplication by dividing bush divide it into two parts, each of which is a separate plant.”Dollar Tree” – is slowly growing, rooting results can be seen even after six months.

Note!Treat Zamioculcas to be careful, because all its parts are poisonous, and to monitor the plant grew out of the reach of small children.

Zamioculcas blooms rarely, in a fairly mature age. Flower inflorescence – an ear of white or light cream color appears at the bottom of the tuber plants and has an unpleasant odor. Flowering – not the main advantage of this plant, so the inflorescence are advised to remove, so that the plant did not spend on his strength.

Diseases and pests

Zamioculcas sick and rarely affected by pests.

If the plant leaves begin to turn yellow, fall off, they appear brown spots are symptoms of root rot. This disease affects the plant under waterlogging.

Causes yellowing of leaves:

    • Aging is a normal process leaves: lower leaves eventually turn yellow and wither;
    • If the leaves begin to turn yellow, located in the center of the leaf rosette – often the reason for this could be the Gulf;
      yellow Zamioculcas
    • more possible cause yellowing of the leaves – it is sunburn


Zamioculcas paying attention and care, it will please their owners decorative foliage year-round.

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