How to buy high-quality violet

African violets (Saintpaulia) – small plant with feathery leaves and beautiful flowers in shades of blue, pink, white and purple. With proper care, many plants can bloom without interruption.
Violets exhibitions

When purchasing carefully examine the need to leaves of the plant – they must be free of blemishes, not drooping, springy to the touch. Choose plants for the house with solid green leaves and many flower buds. Color leaves should be uniform, with no signs of rust and yellowing. It is important that the violets were symmetrical rosette.

Note!Plants with multiple buds open and a lot of kidneys will bloom for a long time after your purchase.

Buy violet better late spring or early summer, when the heat has not yet occurred, and the temperature does not exceed 25 ° C. It is also a good time to buy – a warm early autumn: a plant quickly adapted to the new location.

When it is not necessary to buy the plant?

Low and high temperatures are harmful to the root system of violets: bought a plant in the cold very quickly be lost, even if the transportation to the house only takes a few minutes. Not less harmful and overheating. Blooming violet after traveling in the heat resets flowers and unlikely to bloom in the future.

When purchasing new plants carefully check before you buy. It is necessary to avoid plants with soft and wilted leaves with brown spots or pests. If the leaves of the plant are sluggish, and the soil is moist at the same time – so it with a root system problem.

African violets are subject to common insects and diseases.

    • Choosing cuttings violets, it is necessary to pay attention to the color of the leaves and long stalks – the external and internal sides of violet leaves indicate damage mite


    • Symptoms of red spider mites – red dots and spider web


    • It is very dangerous and the cyclamen mite, which indicate the presence of damage and deformation of young leaves in the center of the rosette. As a result of the growing point dries on twisted leaves appears gray powder, do not develop buds.
    • spider mites on the violet can be recognized by sunken spots.
    • The appearance of thrips damage is characterized by the anthers of flowers.
    • The light green spots on the leaves – a sign of damage to the nematodes, which can be found only if the transplant violet


    • The unpleasant sour smell substrate may indicate the presence of soil scale insects, which can be seen by inspecting the earthen clod plants, extracted from the pot.
    • Among the most common diseases – late blight, powdery mildew, gray mold, fuzariz, vascular bacteriosis, rust


Additional information!If you are unable to find at least one of the signs of defeat, violet is not worth buying. Often, however, the initial stage of the disease or pest damage with the naked eye can not be seen.

In healthy young plants are hardly visible stem, because it is closed growing out of it leaves. Yellowed sluggish stalk broken off with traces of leaves – a sign of aging and disease. The plant is best transplanted after purchase. So you can see the condition of the roots. After the transplant, the plants as soon as possible to determine how often it is watered.

The adaptation to the new conditions of violets

In the flower shop sells greenhouse plants grown in mass production. Home flower would completely other conditions. The plant will need to get used to the dry indoor air. And half the time, the flower will just disappear, despite the attention and care about him.

Bought violet should hold a couple of weeks in quarantine, pre-treat it with a systemic fungicide Maxim. The drug should be diluted with water and sprayed them the whole plant. Then 20 minutes later with a soft cloth remnants of moisture must be removed carefully with leaves that they do not have dust spots.

Note!After the quarantine transplant violet is not necessary. When capturing an earthen clod is found that roots sprouted in drainage, should be carefully cross a plant in a new container, a couple of centimeters larger than the former.

It is important to try not to disturb the roots, adding a little fresh soil and keep the old substrate. It is recommended to use small pieces of foam concrete block or a drain.

Knowing what to look for when buying violets and guided tips and tricks you can buy healthy plants. Happy shopping to all lovers of these magnificent beauties!

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