Houseplants violets, care for them

Violets – small indoor plants, which displayed a large number of different varieties and species. They differ not only the color of petals, but their shape and size. We gardeners, they are very popular, so these small compact plants have a variety of beautiful flowers.
Violets room photo flowers, care at home

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Considered the birthplace of violets and Uzambarskie ulugurskie mountains in East Africa. Violets have several names. Violets comes from the mountains in which they were found.”Violets” are named after their discoverer.

Crop varieties combined in groups in the form of flowers, whose petals are simple, terry, fringed, corrugated and wavy petals. The petals may be different shades of one color or multi-color with different patterns. They can decorate a variety of dots, stripes, spots.

Blooming violet[/caption]

These flowers are very delicate, fragile and love the heat. The optimum temperature for growing violets from 16 to 20 degrees. If they provide a period of rest for six weeks at a lower than usual temperature (13- 15 °) and reduce watering frequency. This will contribute to an abundant and large flowering This technique can be used at any time of the year, it will stimulate the ovaries to the buds.

Irrigation and fertilizer

Ignorance of how to properly watered the plant, can lead to poor results, because in this matter senpolii capricious. They do not like frequent soil moisture or excessive drying it and drafts. Water them 1-2 times weekly (depending on the season), spaced from the water at room temperature. Watering is carried out very carefully so that moisture does not hit on the leaves and in terms of culture growth.

Violets room: care, watering

Important!Watering violet small portions of water, a small stream, avoiding contact with moisture on the leaves, as well as into florets.

It is best to water the shrubs of the pallet. Drainage is a must violets because they can not tolerate standing water. Moisture on the cuttings or leaves causes them to rot.

Very dry air in the apartment disastrous for violets. In this case, placing a container of clean water, next to a flowerpot, which will increase the humidity.

By fertilizing and should be approached with caution. The plant prefers poor soil, so do not overfeed violet.

Be sure to cut the faded flowers, damaged leaves and stepchildren. The plant does not grow much, otherwise it will be bad to bloom. To form a uniform development of the socket pot periodically rotated on the window sill and thin out the leaves.

How to propagate violets?

Ways of reproduction of room violets have a few.

Propagated by them mainly in the spring and summer months, during the period when they were enough heat and light.

Propagation violet
  • The most common home violets are propagated sheets cut from adult healthy plants. This is the easiest and most common method of growing seedlings.
  • Reproduction of violets peduncles if peduncle slightly lower flowers have small leaves, perpetuate them as a piece of paper.
  • Reproduction violet seeds also practiced, but not too often. This process is long, tedious, and unreliable.
  • Reproduction lateral outlets – the children. Kids grow up very often, quickly take root. Separating stepchildren recommended in order not to interfere with the development and growth of the main plant.

All methods of breeding violets clearly can not be called simple or complex.

Diseases and pests

Improper care of violets can be the cause of their disease. Increased soil moisture in the pot or the low temperature in the room creates the conditions for the decay of leaves and roots, and this is accompanied by diseases such as gray mold and fusarium. Of infectious diseases can affect violet mildew of pest mites, aphids, thrips, nematodes. Damaged leaves have to be uninstalled, and those that remained, treated with drugs Fitoverm, Agravertin, fundazol, depending on the disease.

Diseases violets

Growing violets – the process fascinating. Good survival of cuttings allows for a very wide range of fans of indoor plants to grow different kinds of Saintpaulia.

With skillful care, they will not deliver absolutely no hassle to the owner.

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