How to grow from leaf violet in water

African violet – are beautiful indoor plants. Breeding leaves of violets can be done at home, which is cut off from the pleasant instance. They are easy to grow in pots in the room, they take up little space.

How to grow violets home

How to grow violets (Saintpaulia) of the leaf theoretically know all growers. Here are a few tips on how to do this in practice:

  • bury sheet plate in the container with water to 1.5? Cm 2, the sheet is fixed to cut the stalk does not touch the vessel;
  • to prevent the development of pathogenic bacteria in the water should be deleted charcoal tablet in a glass of water.

Dilution selected African violet with dark green leaves and healthy-looking buds.

& Nbsp;

As tanks Cut leaves suitable disposable cups with 50 ml. In such a cup can be placed a few leaves, if the pre-glass cover with foil and make several holes in it for cuttings.

Separate the leaves from a mature plant, and discharged to the side and gently break off.

Additional information!Select a sturdy leaves, green, without spots, with handle length not less than four centimeters.

With a sharp knife or blade diagonally cut petiole to three centimeters, and immersed in a weak solution of potassium permanganate and thereafter to dry – 40 minutes.

The cup is poured defend warm water, making sure that the leaves do not touch the water – otherwise they zagniyut. Cover with plastic wrap and place the leaves in a warm bright place, avoiding direct sunlight. You need to follow in the future to ensure that in a glass of water has always been. As necessary, top up the fluid.

Sometimes in low-light stalks begin to rot. Cut sheet to a healthy portion sprinkled with crushed charcoal and replace water in the cup.

The roots may appear in two weeks – three. When they grow about one centimeter – they can be planted in the soil.

Use as a packaging can be disposable cups capacity of 100 ml., having made in them a number of small holes. At the bottom poured little foam or expanded clay, above – the loose soil mixture and set there leaf obliquely. From above to fill up the land, but not tamped. Propped up a piece of a match or toothpick, and covered with a transparent package. As the soil dries, carefully poured seedlings defended warm water.

If the work was done correctly, two months later near the leaflet will be kids. They then can sit in separate pots.

Caring for young violets

Water for irrigation grown violets should be at room temperature and to stand overnight or longer. Violets are watered only at the base or around the roots as well as leaves are very prone to rot if they are sprayed with water. When watering the roots, it is necessary to make sure that it is sufficient moisture and the roots can reach it. Water soaks for about 30 minutes and then the excess liquid removed from the pot.

Note!When watering the soil should be evenly moist, never moistened by allowing the substrate around the roots completely dry before re-watering

Soil for violets should be light, well emaciated. You can find a soil mixture specifically for violets in a flower shop. Always use sterile soil for its violets, to avoid any disease.

Ripping off dead flowers and the tops of the stem will contribute to the growth and bloom more flowers.

Potted violets poorly acclimatized in any type of soil and pots. When choosing a pot for Saintpaulia, follow the main rule: the diameter of the container should be three times less than the outlet violets. Too small or too large pot may be the main cause of poor plant development.

Important!If you choose too large a pot plant will build new leaves, but flowering may never come.

The plant can not master a large earthen clod, as the depth of the roots of violets almost do not grow, and are very close to the surface of the soil in the pot can turn sour.

Saintpaulia grow from leaf cuttings is very simple, need only step by step to implement the recommendations.

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