Why do not bloom violets? What to do?

There is incredible amount grades room violet. Amateur growers are constantly replenish their collection of new varieties of plants. At present, of which there are a large number of variants with different flowering. It required no little skill to competent care for violets, led to its lush flowering

Why not violet flowers and leaves only grow?

Ways of how to make the violet blossom

If violet is not blooming, so for her unsuitable home or she was ill. Senpolii love the light, and from the correct lighting will depend on their flowering and development. Poor lighting in the apartment and that Violet is not enough light, the leaves will indicate violets – they will pull up. Due to the lack of light, they can go into a state of rest, and do not bloom. But you need to know that by choosing lit place, you need to take care that direct sunlight does not fall on the plant – they can burn the leaves of a flower in a few hours. The most appropriate place – a position the violet in the northern, north-eastern, north-western part of the room, with access to the scattered rays of the sun.

Many varieties of violets prefer long daylight hours – up to 12 hours a day. If climatic conditions do not allow to meet the demands of a flower, you can try to combine natural and artificial lighting.

Proper watering

Quite often, the wrong humidifying soil leads not only to a lack of flowering, but also to the destruction of the flower room.

Note!With a lack of water Violet begins to dry, but when an excess of her roots will rot. It is important to observe the irrigation measure. Water have to be defended at room temperature for less than a day.

Soil in a flowerpot moisturize four ways:

  • in the pallet under the pot is filled with water and when it desired flower absorb moisture, the surplus poured off;
  • in a bowl filled with the settled water, put a flower pot. When the soil is moistened, clean pot on a constant;
  • watered carefully from the top, not to get water on the outlet and leaves of the plant;
  • wick irrigation method of violets is the most laborious method. For this method during transplantation to the bottom of the pot, between the drainage layer and the ground, and is spread thin cord is pulled through the hole in the bottom of the pot and is lowered into the water. Care should be taken so that in the tank was always water with water, and the plant will take care of themselves.


For flowering Saintpaulia need enough power that it receives the root system from the soil. Saintpaulia need to fertilize regularly.

Why do not bloom violets at home

Important!In winter, when the amount of light decreases, reducing feeding, but do not stop.

Important is the soil in which is planted violet. Heavy and dense land will not give to develop the root system of violets, with the result that they cease to bloom. It is advisable to buy a special primer for Saintpaulia in a store, where they will meet all the proportions of useful elements for the plants.

Violets need frequent feeding, but here it is important to observe the correct ratio. Nitrogen and potassium in excess of a negative impact on the development of culture. Excess nitrogen leads to the fact that the plant develops leaves and new shoots, stems and development stopped. Excess potassium adversely affects the growth of plants, and can cause yellowing of the foliage.

Feeding violets

You also need to choose the right pot, which will grow bush. Big mistake – violet plant in a large pot, where the plant will try to back fill the entire container, spending a force, and the buds will be disposed of after the roots will be filled with the whole lump of earth in the pot. This happens not very fast.

NoteThe best option – small, compact pots should be in diameter three times smaller than the outlet


It is important to choose the right pots of suitable material. To protect the root system from rotting at the bottom of the pot must be a sufficient number of holes to prevent moisture retained in the soil. Clay containers slowly removes moisture, which can cause rotting of the roots, so the growers prefer plastic pots.

Pot for violet

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But it so happens that even with all the recommendations of the violet does not want to bloom. In this case, you can resort to the tricks of experienced gardeners.

Acceleration of flowering plants can be a transplant. This process is stressful for the flower, and can trigger the release of buds.

You can for a few days to send it in an ill-lit and cool room, and then return to the place where it is warm and plenty of light.

temperature and humidity

These parameters are important for a long and abundant flowering violets, and requirements for considerable. Violets considered optimal for the air temperature 18-24 ° C. If it exceeds 25 ° C, flowering may be suspended. If the plant is located in a cool place or temperature jumps occur, it is likely that it will bloom meager and insignificant growth.

In the wild violets grow in places where very high humidity. The apartment is also necessary to ensure the conditions close to natural. If the apartment temperature above 24 degrees, it is possible to spray the warm water from flowers household sprayer.

Spraying violets

Spray in cool conditions can not be – it will lead to the fact that the leaves are formed unsightly white spots, affecting the appearance and the plant will not bloom. To increase humidity, can be placed next to the vases vessel filled with water.

Diseases and pests

of the reasons why not blooming violet, can be an infection or parasites.

Diseases of violets:

  • Fusarium develops in the wrong care plant (surplus moisture, watering with cold water, heavy soil, etc.). In its plant roots fungus, leading to root rot;
  • powdery mildew – a lack of lighting, low temperature. Leaves and stems are covered with white bloom;
  • Gray mold – from temperature changes or the abundance of moisture on the leaves and flowers. Appears gray-brown fluffy coating, under which the plant tissue decay.

A few secrets of beauty care blossoms

When violets bloom 10 months of proper care in the year, with a break in the hot summer months.

    • violet – heat-loving plant, and on the cold windowsill she was not comfortable


  • you need to break off the lower leaves in the crown of violets, they take the extra nutrients from the soil, and did not contribute to the development of plants;
  • maintain optimal humidity room. Ideally, if the room humidifier works;
  • Violet loves fertilizer containing phosphorus, but the nitrogen is not necessary to go too far;
  • watering violet better in the tray, you can not pour water on the leaves.

These simple conditions and your love is sure to win the heart of the Shrew violets, and they will bloom luxuriantly, decorating your home!