Poinsettia “Christmas Rosa”: growing

The name “Christmas rose” plant received from the period in which it usually blooms. Subtropical plant Euphorbia Pulcherrima is popular in our climatic conditions as a houseplant. Its form resembles a star, which is a symbol of Christmas holidays. Thanks to the December blossom – this is a symbol of Christmas in many countries and a popular indoor plant around the world

Poinsettia Flower Features

Mokholi Rulcherrima come from Central America. This long-term evergreen shrub in wildlife can reach four meters in height.

As a home flower, its average size is about 60 cm. Large leaves, with beautifully drawn veins. His beauty lies in the leaves, and not in flowering. What seems to us with a flower is actually bright colored leaves. The typical color is dark red, but individual varieties can have a different color: orange, light green, pink, cream, white and even two-color.

Poinsettia flowers

Poinsettia flowers are very tiny and grown in small yellow clusters in the middle of each beam of colorful leaves.

Requirements for the cultivation of “Christmas roses”

Growing and care for the most beautiful plant of Poinsettia, also known as the “Christmas rose”, simple. The only task to stimulate the flowering of the plant, the rest of the growing is not very different from other indoor plants.

Poinsettia is growing indoors in a bright place, without direct sunlight. It does not like cold and sharp temperature drops. It is necessary to avoid drafts and places in the windows through which blows should not be placed near the entrance, where there is a risk of exposure to cold air. It may also be damaged by heat from radiators.

Poinsettia at home

Watering should be regular indent room temperature. With insufficient watering, the leaves are withering and falling. Hold a substrate slightly wet, but the plant should not be in the water. Excess water can cause root rotting and lead to falling out leaves.

If the “Christmas roses” is grown with bright lighting and low humidity, they require more frequent watering or spraying with water. Due to dry air in the room there may be pests. The plant requires high humidity. The leaves should be periodically sprayed with faded water.

Please note! Root rot usually occurs at temperatures below 15 ° C, so “Christmas roses” do not put in colder rooms.

The flower is suitable room temperature from 16 to 22 ° C. It is impossible to post it near heat sources.

In the spring, it is possible to put it in the garden, but only after the threat of frosts and the average night temperature does not fall below 10 ° C. Sufficiently fertilize and follow that the root comes do not dry. Choose a place with a lot of light. In the fall transfer back to the apartment and take care of it as usual.

In the flower pot of Poinsettia requires regular trimming, which will retain it in dense and compact form. It grown in this way is more extensive and, as a rule, higher than the usually sold plants with one increase.

The perfect period for trimming is March and april, when you can crop the plant up to 20 cm. Even after that cut, you can cut too long shoots or to defend young shoots to your fingers to make a bush thick. The trimming of the stems must be regular, leaving on the plant only five shoots, the rest are removed, but do not cut off the plant since September.

Important! Cut parts flows white milk juice, the Christmas rose is not a poisonous plant, but can irritate the skin when working with it.

Fertilize regularly once a month by universal liquid fertilizer, especially late in spring and summer, and in the period of flowering (December January).


We define in summer upper cuttings. Use cuttings 7-10 cm, between which is cut from the plants. Place in the mixture of sand and substrate.

Flower breeding with cuttings

Hold them into the shade in wet soil until the cuttings are empty of the roots in about 3 weeks. Then they are transplanted into the pots.


Colored bracts begin to develop late autumn. To create colored leaves, it takes ten hours of the day, for eight weeks. Ideally, the room temperature should be about 22 ° C.

Additional information! Reduction of daylight stimulates the formation of floral buds and staining the upper leaves. More light or artificial lighting contributes to the formation of green leaves.

To poinsettia blooms for Christmas, and her leaves were painted, it is necessary so that she lasted only eight-nine hours. Approximately a month before Christmas, it is opened in the morning, and after eight hours will hide in complete darkness. About three or four weeks, she will surprise in beautiful color.

Tips for the Christmas Rose re-bloomed:

  • after flowering, watering is limited. When the leaves are dried and fall, give the plant to relax three to four weeks.
  • then cut off the plant and begins to water it.
  • fertilize and cut so that there is a maximum of five shoots.
  • in late October begin to regulate the duration of the day so that the plant bloats, it should be in full darkness at least 14 hours a day.

After flowering, poinsettia is not necessary to throw away. If you create suitable conditions, it will bloom again next year, even if you have already started fading.

You can try to trim it up to about 15 cm. And put on a month into a bright place at room temperature. After the plant is beginning to fall down, decrease watering to maintain its rest condition and stored in a cool place about 15 ° C. Then they begin to water him again, and the plant begins to grow. It is recommended to transplant it in a larger pot.

Diseases and pests

Poinsettia may suffer from gray rot under excessive irrigation, and can also be infected with ordinary pests of indoor plants, such as ticks, wave and worm. The yellowing of the leaves and even the death of the bush is a sign of infection by a bypass tick. The leaves may unexpectedly fall under the action of very low temperatures.


Although the most traditional is red, the extensive breeding of this plant allowed flowers to create new varieties that differ in different sizes, but especially new color variations.

what is the color of the leaves from Poansettia

In addition to different colors, plants were also withdrawn, which earlier and longer bloom and have particularly dense or even swirling bracts. A few examples:

  • Princettia – multicolor, blooms from September to January, smaller bracts, but especially dense and compact.
  • “Autumn leaves” also bloom since September golden yellow color
  • “Marble” is represented by two-color bracts pink to white. Another feature is swirling bracts.
  • Ingle Bells Rocks Gustwist Plant, Red and White Striped Bract
  • Puansette “Ice Punch” Bracts are located in the shape of a star, red outside, light pink and white inside.

Poinsettia is one of the best-selling houseplants in the world.

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