Murayya – houseplant: useful properties and harm. Application murayi

Murayya – a little-known exotic plants, but one of the favorite plants from experienced gardeners. Grow room murayyu not so long ago, but she immediately fell in love with his own elegant appearance, ease of cultivation, pleasant smell. Under suitable conditions for her, she does not cease to bloom continuously. Its name it owes botany Murren. In nature, it grows in countries with a subtropical climate: Northern Australia, China, Taiwan, India. It belongs to the family of citrus fruits. In order to grow the plant indoors, breeders brought two kinds – paniculata and chokeberry.

Murayya photo: useful properties

Murayya – houseplants. Useful Properties

This is a unique plant that decorates the room has a delicious fragrant smell, which is similar to the smell of jasmine with a touch of citrus odor. The life span of this flower long. Seedlings start to grow, strengthening the root system. Then begins building up of a green plant.

Another interesting feature Murayi – old shoots stop growing when there are young spike. Crohn’s constantly looks well maintained and it is not necessary to form. Flower needs the support of the fragile, thin twigs.

The plant can grow shrub or small tree. Murraya – photophilous plant and preferably a bright diffused light for her. Plants do not like the hot sun. In summer, pritenit from the bright sun, the plant can be set from indoors to outdoors. In winter, the best place for it – a window on the east side or the west.

For cultivation murraya optimum air temperature in the warm period of 20-25 degrees. To plant did not cease to bloom in the winter, it is necessary to create conditions so that the air temperature was 16-17 degrees. Murraya likes very moist air, so the flower is constantly moistened.

Indoor flower likes moderate watering. (Murraya – moisture-loving flower), rubbing the leaves, spraying. Flower in the spring and summer provide abundant watering, making sure that there is no stagnant water in a pot. In cold weather, reduce watering. It is desirable to use water for irrigation room temperature, while the supernatant. Watering with cold water, it can not be. It is unacceptable that the soil in the pot dries, otherwise it may die root system.

Also at high dry room dry out the leaves fall off the flower stalks. Like all plants, murraya can be damaged by diseases and pests. If the plants provide favorable conditions, the infection occurs rarely. Fed flower room in a warm period continuously introducing organic and complex fertilizers. For the formation of lush inflorescences need to make potash and phosphate fertilization – fertilization with nitrogen, increase the green part of the plant. it is impossible to overfeed murraya fertilizers. Most often in the home grown dwarf paniculata Murayyu. No one knows the origin of the dwarf form of this plant, but suggest that this species appeared as a consequence of mutations in vivo.

Murayya paniculata (shrub or tree) which can grow in the home to 1.5 meters. Highly specimens grow up to 3m in large rooms and summer gardens. Dwarf form it reaches 50 cm. This is a common type of houseplant and it now can be seen in flower shops.

Currently murraya still it remains quite rare plant due to lack of information about it. Flowering Murayya long, only a few days. At the site of inflorescence fastened berries, which ripen and are initially orange color, then blood red.

Externally Murayi berry size and shape reminiscent of hawthorn berries. At one time in the bush bloom attractive white flowers and red fruits hanging. Murray blooms almost constantly white or cream color. Within 4 months, fruits ripen Murayi.

The second type of room Murayi – Aronia royal. It is a small tree that blooms with white, small and very fragrant flowers. Pinnate leaves with a strong spicy scent composed of many small narrow leaves. After flowering flowers on a plant are formed black small fruits that look like berries. Edible berries, but without a bright flavor. Fruit stones are poisonous, so the berries are best not to eat.

Berries murayi

The plant is capricious in care – requires constant air humidification. For plants characterized by the fact that it grows a trunk forms a crown. Seeds and cuttings propagated house room Murayyu. Grain selected from fruit, once sown shallow soil since germination eventually lost.

Cuttings murraya – it time-consuming, and take root cuttings is not very willingly, but give a good germination of the seeds. You can even dig berry close to the mother plant the seeds germinate. Sprouts appear within a couple of weeks and begin to grow rapidly. A few months later the seedling had already looks like a small tree. Germinated seeds in a warm room at a temperature 24 -27 ° C.

For the cultivation of the cuttings cut stems semilignified pieces and put into water for germination root. When roots appear and grow up to 0.5 cm, they are planted in a pot filled with fertile soil. Sharing top cover film or glass jar to create a greenhouse effect. Rooting can be more in the wet sand, perlite, soil for a month.

Be sure to pour a drain on the bottom of the pot, to avoid stagnation of water, do not rot the roots of a houseplant.


One of the important qualities of Murray that Murayya – houseplant medicinal properties, which are endless. Murraya room has multiple medicinal properties that help people. For its medicinal properties of the plant is famous in Tibetan medicine as high as ginseng in China.

This plant, like healing, grew more folk healers of ancient China. Modern folk medicine uses all parts of the indoor flower for preparation of various medicinal tinctures, decoctions, because of this unique plant are useful all the parts, without exception: the roots, flowers, leaves, stems. They appreciate not only the oriental medicine, but modern pharmaceuticals.

The medicinal properties of the plant: antifungal effect, an analgesic effect on the body, reducing inflammatory processes. Scientists have proved that the pleasant smell of flowers murayi treat cardiovascular disorders in humans. Inhalation strong fragrant odor flower healed range of diseases:. Ischemia, hypertension, angina, and other plant strengthens blood vessels (their wall) via hesperidin (it is in the leaves and fruits) which contains muraya flower. Medicinal properties eliminate the attacks of head pain.

Of the various components of the plant is prepared tinctures and decoctions, which are recommended for the purpose of treatment and prevention of heart ailments, sore throat, diabetes and other diseases. Use for the prevention of myocardial tincture of the fruits.

It may also be useful for normalization of the pressure causes the heart rate to normal and relieves insomnia. The secret lies in the fact that it, and volatile aromatic oils that produce flowers that can purify contaminated airspace. Young leaves and shoots murraya equate to analgesics, as they possess analgesic and wound healing characteristics. If you long to chew the leaf, in this case, you can soothe a toothache, to soothe a sore throat and stomach. The leaves and fruit heal wounds at a stomatitis oral cavity. Fruits murraya generous in vitamins and antioxidants, it is composed of: carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Taste them a little bit sweet, kind. Their use in the food improves the composition of human blood, increases the protective properties, while maintaining the beauty and youthfulness of the skin. Alcohol tincture of the fruit helps with cardiac disorders.

The smell of the plants flower relieves headaches. The smell of fragrant flowers has amazing properties – when inhaled, the heart begins to beat rhythmically, cheerfully, activates respiration, makes better sleep. There is a feeling of lightness, returns a good state of mind. If you are tired after a hard work, 3 – 4 berries will help to restore the strength and courage. In inflammatory processes in the throat it is useful to rinse infusion murayi.

It is also helpful to drink this infusion of those who suffer from ailments of the heart. Use anti-inflammatory, anesthetic and astringent properties of the plant in the treatment of gastritis and gastro-intestinal disorders in folk medicine. These medicinal properties of the treated wounds, relieves pain with muscle and joint pain, with acute headache and toothache.

During sleep time is left in the bedroom houseplant murayya. Useful properties begin to appear by inhalation of its floral aroma. The rest will be pleasant and relaxing, and in the morning people will feel relaxed – full of energy. In the children’s room with a flower pot will benefit the health of the child. Very good and keep the pot on the desktop. This affects the good mood and improves mental performance.

Once fragrant white flowers Mureyu Japanese emperors placed in the bedrooms. They believed that the intense smell of flowers improves sleep and protects against heart disease, relieves insomnia. It will be smart and strong one who breathes in the aroma. And the legacy he will be healthy and strong. No less useful essential for the human body oil, which is obtained from the leaves of fragrant murraya.

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Essential oils murraya also has healing properties and it is widely used for human needs. Oil properties murraya multilateral. It helps people in many disorders, a positive effect on human organs. It improves digestion work has a positive effect on the skin. Using the leaves, fruit, shoots and the making from them, healing teas, Murayi plant will improve the health and prolong life.

One of the simplest recipes medicinal tinctures. Two tablespoons mixture of plant parts (fruits and flower clusters) pour vodka (250 ml) was put in a dark place so that the solution present in zatomnennom place for about 10 days. Before meals 3 times a day for 10 cap. Good help with headaches.

And what can be harmful Muraya?

Having so many useful qualities and properties, muraya can still have contraindications for its use as a medicine. Before use, you should still consult your doctor. Fruits and tinctures can lower blood pressure. Whoever has it lowered should consult with a specialist before using the medicine.

Additional therapeutic effects of drugs from plants for various diseases

Several times a day, an infusion of muraya treats a sore throat by rinsing it with an infusion of leaves. Pour 5-7 leaves with strong boiling water and give 15-20 minutes for brewing. This tincture also helps with heart ailments. For those who have had a heart attack, it is recommended to make an alcohol tincture: 5 st. l fruits and leaves of muraya, pour 250 milliliters of vodka or alcohol, let it brew in a dark place. Before meals, take daily – 30 cap. With severe dermatitis based on muraya, compresses are made with rosemary and plantain. A bandage is applied to the inflamed areas of the skin.

Taken on 3st. l leaves of each type of plant and the same number of fruits, poured with boiling water and infused. With diabetes, muraya berries are very useful, they lower blood sugar levels. With fatigue after hard work, the berries can add vitality and strength. Other areas of application of the plant in everyday life.

Features of the application of indoor plants in other situations

In cooking

The use of leaflets in cooking is very common because of its strong citrus-lemon smell. Murraya chokeberry leaves are similar to curry seasoning and are used in cooking. Its smell complements the taste of food. Murraya is suitable for additions to salads and snacks, to vegetable and meat dishes. The medicinal properties of a houseplant are wide: heart disease, high blood pressure.

In cosmetology

Now, in face and body care, women are more likely to prefer natural remedies, which are abundant in the plant world. It is unlikely that anyone will be surprised that such a unique plant is successfully used in cosmetology. Fresh leaves are the main source of application for cosmetic purposes. Daily eaten 3-5 fruits of Murai – this is the prevention of aging. The skin will be moisturized and firm for a long time. Decoctions from plant inflorescences favorably affect the aging skin of the face. To prepare a decoction, you need a handful of inflorescences, which is poured with boiling water, they insist for several hours. In the mornings, this infusion is wiped on the face. The solution can be stored in the refrigerator for several days. The result of this procedure will be noticeable quickly.

To improve the quality of the essential oil of this plant, you can add it to shampoos for hair, cream, balms, 3-4 drops on a base spoon. One of the useful face masks: essential oil of Murai and turmeric. This is a healing mask that helps get rid of blackheads. The skin on the face will become clean and elastic, pores will narrow. Applying this mask to problem skin. For hair, you can make natural dye from foliage and coconut oil. All this needs to be boiled. This composition paints gray hair, strengthens the hair roots, improves their growth. Girls in India are known to have healthy and long hair. They use special masks based on the leaves of Muraya.

In everyday life

Murai found his application in everyday life. How a beautiful ornamental plant decorates a house. You can create bonsai from dwarf varieties. Aronia Muraiya repels insects. Having a wonderful smell of flowers and leaves, it can be used to prepare ingredients for the preparation of perfumes. Muraiya is one of the most unpretentious indoor plants. Buying a bush in the store is now simple and inexpensive, and in return you get a fragrance smell and joy for the eye.