How to grow citrus: lemon, mandarin, orange

Many citrus can be grown at home: lemon, orange, mandarin, lime, grapefruit. For the cultivation of indoor citrus at home can begin with the purchase of their desired fruits for planting, as well as the purchase of seeds in flower shops.

Once purchased and used the fruit, bones extracted from the pulp is treated properly before planting in the ground. They are placed in a container filled with warm water 20-25 degrees for 10-15 minutes.

If they sink to the bottom, they have to be viable. If they float, they are discarded. It is necessary to discard any seeds that look strange – small, flat, empty shells.

For a few days the seeds settle to the wet paper, at a distance, to remain a place for root penetration. Cover the top with another layer of wet paper towels. Check the seeds every few days, keeping the paper towel moist.

Sprouted seeds are planted in small pots or other container with drainage holes. Having prepared the ground, poured into the pot about 1 centimeter drainage from above the full capacity of the soil. In the center make a small depression (about half a centimeter), and placed to the prepared bone, lightly sprinkled her. After a well-watered soil.

You can help the plant grow faster, using more fertilizer specifically for citrus growth.

How to care for plants

When the germ has already appeared on the surface, you should start to care for the plant. Care includes several items.

Irrigation.All citrus plants love moisture. During the irrigation necessary to touch the soil in the pot, it should be slightly moist. Water for irrigation use slightly warmer than room temperature.

In winter, when the air is dry, spray the citrus need daily.

Topsoil potted may dries to form a crust. Therefore, the ground must be regularly loosened, but no deeper than 1 cm, so as not to damage the roots.

Top dressing. Fertilize the plant from spring to autumn in a week in the winter make it at least – once a month. Use liquid fertilizers designed specifically for citrus.

Crop.The first two years the seedlings of citrus is not cut. Then, in the spring they need regular grooming. At each new branch leaving three buds and leaves, remove weak branches. Thus gradually formed a beautiful Kroon.

light. Accommodation in apartment plants plays an important role in the development. They can not stand under the scorching sun and constantly moved from one place to another, and constantly turning the pot. Citrus plants are the single window, that is where it was placed, there it should grow. The ideal option to keep the citrus in the southern, south-eastern and south-western windows.

Important!A place for the pot is chosen immediately, so you do not shift it from one window to another and do not twist in all directions, citrus do not like it. The protest may even lose leaves or slow growth.

Citrus trees grow in the wild large, but growing in containers, their growth is constrained by several. With the growth can be transplanted them into the container must be the size until it is as big as it wants Florist.

The acceleration of the process of fruiting

Grown from seed Lemon will start to bear fruit only in the 15-25 year. Fastest of citrus grapefruit (fruiting 3-5 years), oranges and tangerines in the 10-15 year. However, there is a proven way to accelerate the process of fruiting.

The most common citrus fruit is grown at home is a lemon. Lemon from seed will bear fruit for 2-4 years if its planting. To do this, you need to find a twig from a fruiting lemon with a few buds. It must be fresh, healthy, with no visible damage. Instill wilding in two ways: kidney or handle. grafting technique is no different from that used in horticulture.

Cultured lemon

The home is quite possible to grow and to achieve flowering and fruiting plants of almost all citrus family. In addition to the collected fruit in the apartment will be pleasant citrus scent.

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