Distillation of daffodils in the home

Grow daffodils in a room is not difficult. Make flowers bloom in the middle of winter – a great way to spring came in the cold winter months. See the bright yellow daffodil in the room a pleasure.

Forcing daffodils at home

In the spring, daffodils easy to get to bloom early. To get beautiful flowers by the target date, you must do some work. It must begin with the selection of varieties of plants.

You need to decide what kind of environment will be grown daffodils: water or soil. When in water, the tank will need to be to hold the bulb daffodil in a vertical position above the water. In each vessel will contain a daffodil.

Note!The main thing is to choose such a vessel, so that it firmly holds the bulb in an upright position.

Defended container filled with water and placed to the bulb so that it did not reach one millimeter to water. If it will touch the water, it is likely that rots. At the bottom it is desirable to put a tablet of activated charcoal.

Receptacle with a bulb placed in a cold room, e.g., in the basement or in the lower compartment of the refrigerator. From time to time you need to check whether the water has evaporated and the time it topped up, be sure to follow to ensure that it does not touch the bottom of the bulb. After about 2-3 weeks from the bulbs start to grow roots.

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Distillation of daffodils in the soil is also common. To do this, you need to prepare the necessary ground. Use the dishes are large enough and deep enough to fit all of the bulbs, which are planned to grow. It should have drainage holes, but if this is not possible, it is necessary to add a thin layer of gravel on the bottom of the dish.

The choice of bulbs of daffodils

The bulbs, which are to be used, is selected dense, thin flakes. Normally, if the bulb sprouted, only need to be careful not to damage the germ.

The only difficulty in growing daffodils – choice of varieties. You can use almost all types of daffodils, but the best varieties are considered to be several varieties available that are reliable for distillation. With bright yellow flowers -“Dutch Master”,”Soleil d & # 8217; Or” and”unsurpassed.” Two-colored daffodils -“Barrett Browning” with white petals and orange-red tube.

The best varieties of daffodils for distillation for March 8 is considered to be the Scarlet Gem, Irene Copeland, Laurence Koster, Edward Buxton, Geranium and Ice Folis, Raussillon.

Forcing daffodils at home step by step instructions

Preparation obtain peduncle passes for 2 – 4 months. How to plant and what to do next?

To successfully do by distillation of daffodils in the room, need high-quality bulbs, good soil mix for potting and suitable containers.

It is possible to use virtually any container if it has a drainage opening at the bottom.

Wide and deep pot with drainage holes at the bottom, filled with earthy mixture, set close to the bulbs, but so that they do not touch each other. Top cover with more soil, leaving the upper part of the bulb above the soil. Watered once, but do not drown out the bulb.

Note!, it is at low temperatures to flower buds daffodils bloom they need to create a cool-down period.

To get them to bloom, they must be exposed to a temperature of 5-9 ° C for 12-16 days. Possible storage space fridge, cellar. During cold storage regularly watered the bulbs and keep them in the dark.

When it’s time to get the bulbs of daffodils from the fridge? Take out the bulbs of narcissus of cold storage as soon as the influence of a cold requirement is met.

For flowering pots are removed from the refrigerator at 2 weeks. At this time, there should be yellow shoots from bulbs.

Daffodils placed in a cool (10 to 15 ° C) place is left in place until the shoots become green. It usually takes 4 or 5 days. Then the container is moved in a brightly lighted area (16 to 21 ° C). Plants well watered, and regularly turn the container to provide the direct growth of daffodils.

On average flowering should occur 3-4 weeks after the bulbs have been removed from the refrigerator compartment.

Additional information!Daffodils in the soil, watered as needed. When forcing daffodils do not require fertilizer. The bulb has everything you need to create a beautiful flower.

Daffodils – forcing by March

These flowers have a short period of awakening before flowering. If everything is carefully planned by the beginning of spring, they will entertain the first buds. For flowering in March or April you need in the middle of December to lower the temperature for the cold stored bulbs to 5-9 ° C to 3-4 ° C. This procedure will delay the development of germs.

2 weeks prior to the planned flowering pots are transferred into the room and put on a bright windowsill. When flowering starts, the temperature was lowered to 11 ° C -Themes thus prolonging the life of flowers.

By taking the time to ensure that the daffodils bloom in the house and make the long winter is much shorter. Making bloom daffodils easy and fun.