Money tree medicinal properties and contraindications

Jade tree – the most common type of family Crassulaceae, can be found in many homes. The leaves of this plant resemble coins, so people called him”money tree.

Features plants

Or Jade Crassula (Crassula) – plant family Crassulaceae, numbering about 300 species. Jade got its name from the Latin crassus, which means”thick”. Most wild species live in South Africa.

Cultivated succulents grown in apartments and greenhouses. Houseplant – low tree with thick stem and shiny round fleshy leaves, similar to coins.

Crassula flower or”money tree”: useful properties

“Money Tree” than helpful? Useful properties of Jade”money tree” has long been practiced in traditional medicine.

The plant has the following properties:

  • antiviral;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • antiseptic;
  • regeneration;
  • analgesic;
  • antipruritic effect;
  • antifungal.

Crassula fitontsidnymi also has properties that allow it to clean the air in the apartment and get rid of viruses and pathogens.

«Money Tree”: used in folk medicine

Traditional medicine offers many ways to use flowers in the fight against various diseases. That treats Crassula money tree? A unique plant with a variety of different properties. In folk medicine, it is used more often outside, but there are a few recipes using inside. Mainly used Crassula leaves for medicinal purposes, the scope is quite broad.

Popular recipes and tips

Medicinal properties manifested successfully in the treatment of skin diseases,

such as labial herpes. In this case, it is recommended to put the juice from the leaves and rub the rash on the face. To do this, a few leaves of hand-squeezed juice.

Cotton swab dipped in the resulting juice is applied to the affected area every half hour. You can also attach a cotton pad until fully absorbed therapeutic juice. Lubricate rashes and cut the leaves of plants. If these procedures are carried out at the initial stage of the disease – before the rash, their occurrence can be completely avoided.

Jade leaves have a positive effect in removing even chronic calluses. In this case, the resulting liquid suspension is prepared, which is used at night as a compress. You can attach the leaves to cut calluses.

It is also recommended to use a plant for the treatment of nail fungus, as a subsidiary component in the form of compresses and lotions. Jade in the early stages of onychomycosis helps get rid of the disease. The fungicidal effect of the plant due to the presence in its composition of arsenic compounds.

Need to clean a pair of leaves, turning them into mush, and apply to the nail. It is believed that the agent operates as a slurry is better – more deeply penetrates the nail plate.

leaves the money tree useful properties for the stomach and intestines

The healing properties of thick leaves are used for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Recommends to prepare an aqueous infusion of 5 leaves per cup of boiling water. Insist about an hour. We need to take 3 times a day on a tablespoon 15-20 minutes before meals. In gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer chew on leaflets every morning before breakfast.

Important!Crassula plant is unsafe because of the arsenic in its leaves. Therefore, it is necessary to apply inside cautiously. When using the popular recipes is important not to cancel a dose.

Money Tree benefits for the treatment of kidney

When inflammation in the kidneys can try to use a decoction of the leaves of Jade. It is prepared as follows: teaspoon of crushed leaves pour cup of boiling water, stirred, allowed to stand for 15 minutes in a water bath. Then insist within an hour. Take a spoonful before meals three times a day for 10 days. Repeated course after seven days.

Money Tree Flower therapeutic properties in diseases of the throat

In the case of a sore throat and tonsillitis can try gargling with water extract of leaves based on Jade. To prepare it, taken the juice squeezed from the leaves of the plant 10, and mixed with a glass of warm water. Rinsing is carried out at least three times a day. The same procedure is recommended for diseases of the gums.

The second method is used for the treatment of the throat, it is to chew a leaf 1/3 three times a day.

Money Tree from a cold

When cold every hour was instilled into the nose dropwise juice diluted with water in ratio 1: 1. This medicine is an alternative to nasal drops from pharmacies. The nose is washed three times a day.

To Rassoul in the treatment of arthritis and varicose veins

Money Tree is used in folk medicine as an additional method for the treatment of arthritis and varicose veins. For painful joints it is advisable before going to bed rub the juice of the plant.

Thrombophlebitis use a tincture with vodka. To make it, you need to tear off 20 leaves, wash them and grind. The leaves are placed in a glass dish, pour a glass of vodka. Pushing two or three weeks in a dark place. Then smear the legs at night. The duration of treatment is one month – to pass three courses during the year. Healers argue that the use of this instrument can reduce the number of nodes and their complete disappearance.

Help with injuries, bruises and abrasions

A few leaves is used against cuts and skin abscesses. Juice is applied to the two layers of gauze and adjusts the affected area. Gauze is changed every four hours. Also comes with bruises, contusions, minor burns. Antipruritic property helps bites of mosquitoes and other insects, as well as allergic dermatitis. the bite should be lubricated juice plants four to six times a day. In addition to getting rid of itching, help relieve swelling.

Jade hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoid treatment with Crassula. The juice is mixed with vaseline in equal proportions. The tampon impregnated with the resulting mixture is applied to the formation of hemorrhoidal 30 minutes. The procedure is performed three times a day for the last time before going to bed, leaving the tampon at night. Relief from the discomfort caused by the aggravation, is very fast.

Money Tree: useful properties in cosmetics


Decoction of leaves Crassula effective against skin disorders scalp: dandruff, eczema, psoriasis.

To prepare the tool, you need to cut a handful of leaves from the mint tree and cut them with a knife, so they let the juice. The resulting raw material was placed in a pot, pour water and bring to boil. Stand one minute, cover with a lid and wrap to the decoction brew. Chilled composition are daily hair rinse.

The remaining mass after cooking broth can be used as a mask for the hair roots and scalp. This procedure will cure the hair follicles and stimulates hair growth. To get an effective tool, it is necessary to crush everything and add two or three tablespoons of yogurt or whey. Apply daily on the scalp.

Crassula benefit and harm: it helps acne

Crassula has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Crassula leaves thoroughly washed and crushed. The resulting mass is applied on the gauze and applied to inflamed sites.

The procedure must be performed several times a day. The plant is perfectly removes inflammation, but sometimes the nature of acne is associated with diseases of internal organs, so you need to consult a doctor.

Home healer: Jade leaves – medicinal properties and contraindications

Besides the fact that this plant to decorate the interior of any apartment, it is also used as a charm as a medicine. Are there any contraindications to the use of plants in the home. With a multitude of positive characteristics, the plant can cause harm.

Jade is poisonous or not? Must be taken with caution means, a person can be individual intolerance of this plant.

Important!The drugs on the basis of Crassula are not basic treatment, and may be only a complementary treatment.

The plant contains arsenic in the leaves and the non-compliance with the dosage while taking a medicinal plant can cause vomiting, diarrhea and loss of consciousness.

Crassula can cause allergies. So, before you start to use the raw materials, no harm will be to test. To do this, apply a small amount of juice in the elbow. The emergence of anxiety symptoms – itching, burning and redness of a reason to refuse such treatment.

It is not recommended to use the herb during pregnancy and lactation, as well as if not sixteen.

Note!The maximum effect of the treatment can be obtained by using the plant in the treatment with the main drugs prescribed by your doctor.

Money tree, as well as other herbs can not only treat, but the harm in overdose or misuse.

Can I keep the bedroom a money tree? Those who adhere to the Feng Shui can place a flower in accordance with its rules, for example, in the bedroom. But it is necessary to provide a comfortable environment for him.

Unique plant combining the decorative effect, a wide range of medicinal properties is the desire to ensure that even those who are not inclined to grow indoor plants at home, place it on the windowsill.

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