Care Guide for monstera deliciosa

Openwork, emerald leaves monstera are so beautiful that recently evergreen vine is widely used in art and design. The plant looks great with many different interior styles. Large green leaves that have a characteristic deep cuts and perforations, were printed on everything from covers for mobile phones to clothing. There is not a plant that could symbolize today’s fascination with plants as much as Monstera.

Spraying Monster[/caption]

Note!Leaves wipe with a soft, damp cloth, or put the plant in the shower with cold water to remove any accumulation of dust.

Monstera can also be an ideal potted plant for the bathroom, if space allows. Especially if you put a pot of vine at the window facing east or west.

lighting</ h5>

Monster grow best in bright but diffused light. In this case, the plant is able to adapt to low-light conditions. However, growth is slowing monstera without glare. In low light conditions creeper may also have a small leaves characteristic without perforations cherished growers.

Temperature</ h5>

When growing exotic flower, it is equally important to observe the temperature.

Note!To avoid a slowdown in the room a Monstera so that the temperature does not fall below +25 ° C.

Sudden changes in temperature in the surrounding area monstera can cause significant defoliation when the plant begins to adapt to the new climate.

With proper care, a tropical vine can grow quite large, with leaves, reaching a diameter of 60 cm.

Monstera care

Additional information!If space is limited, ideal for growing in the home will be sort of”Monstera Borsig» ( «Monstera Borsigiana»), whose leaves and stems are a little less.

How to propagate the plant Monstera

Monstera most often propagated by grafting. Or spend rejuvenation of adult plants when they begin to fall off the lower leaves. This condition is a natural plant. Vine continues to grow up, aerial roots becomes more Monstera hardwood loses weight and gradually loses its decorative qualities.

Even the removal of the top of the main shoot can not stop monstera growth and stimulate regrowth of new young shoots on the exposed lower stem. In this case, replace the growers plant new saplings.

Flower monstera deliciosa

Breeding Methods monstera

plant propagation by grafting

Step 1: Prepare a capacity sufficient to accommodate three or four cuttings. On the bottom of the pot is laid drainage container is then filled with soil mixture universal.

Step 2: Decide on a stalk, which grow more listev.S a clean, sharp knife cut the stem part of a healthy monstera from the mother plant.

Step 3: Cut the stem into several parts so that the handle in each case, at least one leaf and air root.

Step 4: Planting three or four cuttings in one pot. This will give the future of the plant bushy appearance.

Rejuvenation monstera – reproduction terminal cuttings

Step 1: cut off the top part of the main stem monstera 30-40 cm long with interstitial and multiple sheets. It is important that in the planting were aerial roots, which will continue to contribute to the capacity of the root system.

Step 2: Treat the cutting rooting stimulant.

Step 3: Place the plant in a glass container with water at room temperature and filtered desirable. Conventional chlorinated water has a negative impact on the rooting of seedlings.

Step 4: After a month on the handle in the interstitial will germinate the first roots. When the seedlings formed root system, the young plant is transplanted into the soil.

Young monstera naturally grown under cover of a lush rainforest. Until you find the trunk of a large tree, which will begin to climb, using strong aerial roots. At this point, the plant ceases to seek the darkness and begins to look for the sunlight, rising above the forest canopy. Indoors Monstera continues this ingrained need to explore the environment, searching for something that you can hold and find the right amount of light. As a result, the growth of a tropical vine turns the house into a jungle. Young shoots are taking random, but interesting forms, which in turn makes Monstera popular houseplants.

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