How to transplant a cactus

Most cacti grow slowly and need to transplant them much less frequently than other plants. But ultimately they can grow out of its pot and need to transplant a large capacity.
How to transplant a cactus

The soil around the roots, to be completely loosened before cactus withdraw from the pot. Otherwise, you can severely damage the plant.

Important!Fragile cactus roots are near the surface, so you should be careful during this process.

When the roots are undermined by holding a cactus, turn the pot down, and knocked on the bottom, remove the plant with a lump of earth.

How to plant a cactus in a pot? Carefully clean the roots from the old soil and remove dead and diseased roots. Too long cut and treated with activated charcoal.

cactus roots must dry in the air for a couple of days before planting to a new location. The prepared soil during this time making small gravel and coarse sand in proportions of 1: 1: 1. Soil should be loose, well-pass water and air.

Good to know!A successful transplant cacti at home requires careful preparation of the new capacity. The choice of the pot and soil for cacti depends on the health of the roots.

For planting, you can use a variety of pots, only the new should be slightly larger than the old. pot size should be the root system of a cactus, it is necessary to avoid mistakes in the cultivation of cacti is too large pots.

If it is odd big, water can linger around the roots and eventually cause them to rot. Always use a container with drainage holes. Pebbles or gravel is poured on the bottom of the pot so the water does not stagnate in it and do not cause root rot.

The soil dug shallow well, and carefully adjusted cactus, spread their roots earth mound uniformly therebetween. Rammed earth is not necessary, and that the land goes to sleep between the roots can tap the side of the pot. During the planting soil is poured only to the root collar of the plant. So that it sat in the soil is stable, can be laid on top of the ground stones.

Transplanted cactus should not be placed in direct sunlight it pritenyayut for 4-6 days. After the transplant, healthy cacti do not watered 3 days, if the plant had damaged its roots are not watered 5-7 days.

Is it possible to transplant cacti in winter

Cacti are transplanted at any time of the year. It is convenient to do it at the beginning of winter, when they come into a period of rest. November and December are the best time. New soil should be completely dry. After transplantation cacti again placed on wintering. If the transplant is carried out in the winter, the first watering is carried out only in the spring.

Know and how to transplant a cactus in the home – the key to his longevity. If you do everything correctly, cactus repay its long flowering period.

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