How to water the cactus at home

Cacti are particularly popular because they require relatively little maintenance and have an unusual shape. They look impressive when forming flowers. Cacti and succulents – succulent plants that store water reserves in the leaves, stems and roots. This property allows them to cope with long periods of drought.

Features succulents

In the wild cacti live in the regions of the world where water is scarce, as in the deserts of rain is very rare, and the moisture is not enough.

They have to survive longer periods of drought, but it is not a problem for plants, succulent belonging to the group – they store the water for a longer period of time.

But this does not mean that watering should be very rare. Watering is important to their well-being and, above all, should be used with advantage. The biggest mistake in the care – giving cacti too much water. They do not tolerate waterlogging. However, the thorny plants can not live without water for a long time. Watering in the ideal – when the substrate is dry.

Watering cacti at home

How to water the cactus? Cacti should be watered relatively rare, and as far as possible, that the soil is sufficiently moist. Only when the substrate is completely dry, it watered the next time.

Cacti do not like wet soil. They absorb a lot of water in a short time to store it in the stem. Frequent and lower watering likely to result in the formation of continuously wet the substrate and thus significantly increase the risk of root rot.

Water the plants in two ways: from the top, or the bottom, filling the pan with water and place the pot in a container of water to the substrate can be fed with moisture. Cacti root system goes deep enough, it would be preferable to”pallets” watering. Be sure to remove any excess moisture from the pan, otherwise the roots will rot. Only briefly leave the water at the first spring watering. Both variants have advantages and disadvantages.

Watering cacti – especially

Cactus should regularly receive water during the phase of growth and flowering (April to August). Watered them during this period so that the water penetrates to the roots. When watering is carried out in small doses – the roots do not have time to get the necessary amount of liquid. With frequent watering the soil is unable to dry out to the bottom.

How to water the cactus in the home? Gently and slowly pour water into the pot, so that the earth was soaked slowly, taking care not to wet the cactus. Moisture can get into the microcracks and the stem begins its decay.

Additional information!Water the cactus only when they are absolutely healthy and are in active period of growth. Blooming cactus needs watering almost every day.

Can I watered cactus in a stage of rest or after an illness? Applied to the soil moisture can destroy the plant.

Moisture from the soil can take only healthy roots, so the transplanted watered cacti undesirable. It should be kept for about a week, giving the roots to rest after suffering stress.

Seasonal watering

Depending on whether the plant inside the house, or outside of, the needs may be different.

In autumn begins the preparation plant for the winter period, and during this period gradually lengthen the intervals between watering – from weekly watering and to once a month.

How often to water the cactus in the winter? When the plants are dormant (in winter, for most of them), water needs are minimal or absent.

Note!In the winter most cacti species goes into rest phase, during this time they really do not need to be watered. Only cactuses that stand over heating batteries need water several times a month during this time.

In winter, the cactus water is not required at all, as their growth slows down. In the resting state, if they are stored in the most cool place with low light, stocking forces for the future of flowering and the emergence of new growth points. Under these conditions, watering cacti in winter reduce to 1 times per month, or even a couple of times during the entire period of rest.

How many times a week should be watered cactus in the summer? In summer, during the hot and sunny days, the plant vigorously vaporizes the liquid, respectively, require more frequent watering. Roughly watered cactus in the summer season once a week


The most common errors associated with watering cactus. To grow healthy plant general rule should be: the less light, the land must be ground and the lower the temperature.

    • Use warm water, cold, combined with excess moisture may destroy the plant.
    • The first symptoms of insufficient moisture cactus are: dull appearance


    • More water is required to young growing plants, adults need less watering.
    • To avoid stagnation of moisture in the tank is necessary to use drainage and do not forget about the drainage holes at the bottom.
    • When succulents grown in well-drained soil, excess moisture quickly fades.
    • Two precautions: Do not soak the stem and leave the roots in moist soil


Important!If the wrong wintering home cactus forms a curved stems.

Cultivation of cacti – exciting experience, but it requires the observance of the rules of care. To cacti grow well at home, it is advisable to water them properly to the root system does not rot. To determine when it is best to water the cactus can be quite simple – the earth in the pot should be dry and not damp.

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