How to make flower Decembrist at home

Home flower known as the Decembrists or rozhdestvennik (Schlumbergera), popular with its ruggedness and decorative, perfectly fit into any interior. Decembrist – cactus unusual appearance, it has no thorns. Plant beautiful flowers in the period when, as it usually blooms in winter, but can bloom more than once a year.
Flowering Zigokaktus

To direct sunlight shining onto the stems, flowers are placed in the east or west window sill, or put in the back of the room, avoiding the southern windowsills. Scorching rays of the sun will burn the stems, the plant will begin to get sick and not be able to bloom.

Note!The stems turn yellow from sunburn, wither and fall off.

Drafts also undermine the state flower. Air around the plants must be standing. From drafts and change places rozhdestvennika flowers fall off.

Normal temperature for active growth and flowering – from 20 C to 25 C. For the rest period recommended room temperature of about 13-15 C.

Rozhdestvenniku need air with high humidity, it will even live in the north window, but not near heating appliances. He is the epiphyte, which growth medium in the Tropics southeastern Brazil grows on the trunks and aerial roots of other plants. The root system of epiphytes poorly developed but well-developed network of aerial roots that absorb moisture from the air in low soil moisture. This feature allows them to survive. Thick stems Zigokaktus have a supply of food and water.

not blooms Zigokaktus

Humidity flower can provide regular watering and spraying warm soft water. The plant feels good on the street, so the summer is better to make it in the garden or on the balcony by a shady spot protected from wind.

Features watering and fertilizing

Although Decembrist is a moisture-loving plant, watering it about as well as leafy potted plants. Prolonged lack of moisture, in combination with dry air inflict damage to the root system. Slightly dried up a clod of earth – a signal that it is time to pour generously Christmas cactus.

Good to know!In the early autumn, before the formation of buds, reduce watering to stimulate flowering. With the advent of the first flowers increases again watering. But do not fill in the cactus, and always maintain a moist soil in the pot until the end of flowering.

Rozhdestvennik can grow on poor soils without nutrients, but it will not contribute to its development and bright flowering. Zigokaktus fertilized during the whole vegetation period by liquid mineral fertilizer with potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen. In two weeks time add fertilizer to the water for irrigation. Carry foliar fertilizer and adding fertilizer to the water spray. Buy food for Zigokaktus can be in a specialty store.

Feeding Zigokaktus

Cease to feed the plant a month before flowering. Excess fertilizer can even harm him. During the rest decembrist it can completely do without them. Resume feeding only in late spring.

Good to know!Zigokaktus are very sensitive to high doses of fertilizers, so do not overfeed them, especially in a period of rest.

Features transplantation

Adult plants paresazhivayut four to five years, at the end of February, after he ottsvol. During this period, the plant will adapt to the new pot, and the time of active growth (this summer) uses to good use.

transplant Dekabrist

Choosing pots for cactus: the material does not matter, but the shape is important. A suitable container is wide, but not too deep. The roots of epiphytic plants do not develop in depth and in width.

Special soil mix you can buy in the store. Be sure to pour a drainage layer one-third of the pot volume. Transplanting culture – the procedure is not complicated. After transplantation roots and stems are strengthened, whereby rozhdestvennik bloom is more abundantly.

Baby cactus after blooming

After flowering ends, forming the crown of the bush. Sanitary pruning can be carried out at any time of the year. This simple exercise will help to rejuvenate the plant and make it more attractive – removed the ugly and the affected stems.

Cactus can not be cut! stem parts are easily separated by twisting. With effort you can not tear them, so as not to injure the plant. This procedure will not only improve the appearance of the plant, but will also contribute to the growth and flowering.

The rest period at the flower

Using all their forces to bloom in winter, Christmas cactus should be resting until April. To do this, you need to provide him with specific conditions. The main thing – the cool air is no higher than 15 degrees and minimal watering.

rest period at Dekabrist

The transition to the stage of growth will have it at the end of March. Cacti grow young shoots, which zavyazhutsya buds. Alternating periods of rest and can be forced to bloom repeatedly flowering plant.

Reasons why not zatsvol rozhdestvennik

Christmas cactus buds are not released in November, and colors for the holiday will not be? Errors in care.

    • The flower did not have time to relax in a rest period after the last flowering. The room temperature was higher than necessary, watering plentiful and it was not strong enough for the formation of stems. This pause should be maintained in September and October. At this time the temperature decreases to 15-18 degrees, watering is reduced to form the buds. With the advent of the first bud, a flower pot is moved in a warm place, increasing watering.
    • Frequent pot permutation from place to place. When the flower buds and blooms forms, it is not recommended to rearrange or rotate the pot plant can lose buds.
    • Lack of nutrients in the soil. Zigokaktus fertilize, and he will be able to bloom. Bad lighting and poor soil often result in the fact that they do not bloom.
    • Rozhdestvennik poorly responsive to dry and hot air from heating battery: sluggish, morshinistye stems informed about this issue


  • The stems turn yellow as a result of low humidity. To avoid this, you need time to water the flower and raise the humidity in the room.

Diseases and pests affecting flowering

Zigokaktus is a perennial, so during the life of pests and diseases can affect it. The plant should be inspected regularly. Finding pests, worth a try folk remedies: Wash thoroughly with soap and water, rinse with vodka, etc., and only then apply the chemicals…

The most common cause of fungal infections is an earthen clod waterlogging and poor drainage. Fungal diseases are treated with fungicides, without waiting for the death of the plant.

Due to the leafy, stems ponikayushim decembrist can be cultivated as a basket plant in hanging pots. Creating the right conditions the plant, close to the natural, it will delight his blossoming not only in winter but in summer. If there is a need to re-bloom in the year after flowering of the plant is transferred to a cool place to rest.

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