Care cactus in winter

Potted cactus growers are attracted to its exotic species, they are very different from each other in appearance. These plants do not require special care, they do not require frequent watering. A special pleasure for blooming cacti.
Cacti winter withdrawal

Features of growth

Home to the cactus is a rocky desert of America. They are perfectly adapted to the harsh climatic conditions of deserts. A large number of rough edges and save the plant from the sun. Them in the desert you need a lot of light, they are demanding to the soil – it must be extremely poor. Yet they are afraid of large amounts of water and killed by wetting.

Home cactus is easy to grow, it is not very demanding to care, but nevertheless it needs the appropriate conditions so that it can grow and develop. If you properly care for a cactus, it is possible to achieve successful growth and even an annual flowering.

The successful overwintering. How to take care cactus in the winter

For home cactus winter is a period of rest, which is necessary to provide for the spring, they bloom. The successful wintering depends on its further development and the formation of buds.

Do I need to be watered cactus in the winter?

In autumn the plants begin to prepare for the winter rest, to prepare for a successful spring growth and flowering. Since September, begin to gradually reduce watering.

Watering cacti winter Problems overwintering cacti

 Some species of cacti have become faded and decrease in size in the winter – it’s okay, no need to water them and fertilize the soil. With the onset of spring when watering resumes, they fully recover its former appearance.

It is also important to watch for diseases and pests. During this period you need to pay attention to even small changes in stem color, stains, rot, in time, at an early stage, identify the problem and fix it in time

In the spring can be made replanting, if necessary.

Note. Home cacti do not require care in winter: about them can be easy to forget for a few months, and if they go to sleep in conditions suitable for them, then the spring will enjoy strong growth and vivid flowering.

Some cacti bloom in the winter, and do not worry about it.

Love florist to these thorny handsome men great that they are willing to provide them with proper care: A special composition of the soil, the necessary temperature and lighting. In response to this concern and love cacti periodically pleased hosts amazing flowers and even fruit.

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