Brovalliya: care at home

Room brovalliya flower – small branching shrub that is appreciated by gardeners for long profuse flowering

Description Flower

Shrubs (up to 1.5 meters in height) are widespread in Central and South America. In nature, it found 6 species of plants and home grown only Brovalliyu beautiful (Browallia speciosa). It is cultivated as a pot plant, not exceeding 30-40 cm. But it is well decorate and balconies.

Brovalliya because of its flowering appreciated by gardeners. With proper care it abundantly showered bush flowers and blooms continuously for over a year, even in winter, but the bloom is not as abundant in the warm season. Such prolonged flowering is rare in other plants. And the beautiful flowers can have many colors – from purple to white. After flowering again it is no longer in bloom. Unfortunately, the plant usually dies after a long flowering.

Additional information!Flexible, soft branches are easily formed. Prischipnut little shoots, you can give the desired shape and create a neat bush desired shape, defining it in hanging pots, as the basket plant.

Care brovalliey

Culture of care is not whimsical. Regular watering, loosening the top layer of soil, fertilizing periodically and timely removal of withered inflorescences – a constant care for the plant.

It is desirable to contain brovalliyu on the east and west windows, as direct sunlight plant tolerates bad. Favorable temperatures 20 ° C-24 ° C in summer and about 15 ° C in winter.

For more information!In the late autumn and winter low temperature reduces the development of the plant, and it is beginning to grow in the spring.

Watering should be carried out with warm water defended as the drying of the upper layer of soil in the pot. In the summer watering is required more plentiful – a rare winter. Not allowed stagnant water in a flowerpot and pan, as this can lead to decay and death of roots. Small flower pot should be small for it, but is high, that it is located in the drainage layer is about 5 cm, to remove excess water during watering.

Additional information!it is a sign of a lack of moisture the plants wilting. After watering brovalliya quickly revived. Defoliation and yellow color will indicate the waterlogged soil.

The soil for growing need light and loose, well water and air permeable. You can use ready-made substrate for flowering houseplants.

Feeding an adult plant needs to produce no more than once a month. Young plants can not feed, if their development is not serious. When brovalliya blooms it must fertilize the complex fertilizer. Overfeed them is impossible, since excess fertilizer is not too good for flowering, especially if fertilizers contain a lot of nitrogen. In the growing season fertilize every 2 weeks a weak fertilizer for flowering houseplants, reducing the concentration of three times less than that indicated on the package.

Brovalliya adapts to any humidity in the room, but she needs a sufficiently high humidity. It should be sprayed with water at least once a day, at the same time to make sure that water does not get into florets, or brown spots may appear on them. Increase the humidity around the flower spraying from a spray or put the pot on a tray of damp moss or sea pebbles.

Breeding at home

The plant does not need transplants. At the end of the flowering period, it is replaced by a new instance, grown from seeds or cuttings.

W erenkovanie

Brovallii lifetime does not exceed two years, but it is easy to breed at home. Propagated by cuttings of her mostly without buds. Slice adult plant stalks spring or summer and perpetuate their substrate, good water tight. Top harboring film or glass. After rooting seedlings are transplanted into small pots. Transplanted to a permanent pot brovalliyu will be when the young plant roots to take root and grow to the drainage holes. She begins to bloom immediately after rooting. So that the flower looked magnificent, they are put on several seedlings in one pot.

Breeding seeds

Seeds are harvested following maturation and usually planted in the winter or early spring. Depending on the time of planting flowering occurs. To plant bloomed in winter -Family sown in summer.

To brovalliya blossomed in the spring on the terrace or balcony, the seeds sown in February. For germination temperature should be 20-25 ° C. Shoots appear after 2 weeks.

Why does not bloom brovalliya

Occasionally it happens that the buds on it does not appear:

  • the plant is planted in too big a pot and the roots increases;
  • flower is not fed or feeding a lot of nitrogen, which promotes the growth of leaves;
  • If flowering should take place in winter, may not be enough light;
  • does not delete the faded flower stalks, when brovaliya tying the seeds, flowering weakens or stops altogether.

Problems with flowering may occur in adult plants.

Diseases and pests

Sick plant mainly from improper care. Houseplant pests: spider mites, mealybug, whitefly, Jose scale, as well as prone to powdery mildew disease. The damaged leaves are removed and sprayed with Bordeaux mixture or the culture of other fungicides.

Important!Perform all work with brovalliey sure to wear gloves, because the plant is poisonous. After all you need to wash your hands thoroughly. Flower kept out of reach of children and animals.

By following the recommendations in the care of these potted flower flowering bush brovalii will delight their flowering period is very long.