Bokarneya the bending

Bokarneya – the original plant, special effects, and decorative give her tree-trunk-like bottle and called caudex, and collected on top of long thin leaves. Beaucarnea recurvata -. Widespread view of indoor horticulture

Features type

Bokarneya refers to the agave family, although the latest figures are a family called the Asparagus. Rhode Nolin (Nolina) was described in 1803 and named after the French gardener P. Nolin.

Nolina, it is also called “bottle tree” (base stems, trunks expanded below) lives in areas with prolonged drought period. In nature, it grows in the US south and the north of Mexico, and there are about 30 species.

a plant prefers rocky ground, its roots grow more in width than depth in the wild. It reaches a height of 8 m. Long, up to 2 meters, narrow leaves form a luxuriant crown.

Additional information!Bokarneya the bending stands out for its unique barrel shape. The trunk bottom expanded greatly, and the extension serves as a reservoir, which collects water used by the plant during prolonged dry period.

The thin leaves are not very volatile liquids, so that the plant is characterized by its resistance to drought. Under natural conditions, Nolin blooms with small white, fragrant flowers, gathered in clusters. Potted plants do not bloom.

Species Bokarneya

Bokarneya attracts gardeners. At home Nolin grown as ornamental foliage plants, because it is almost never bloom. Flower room rarely grow more than two meters, it leaves at the top of the stem grows up and reaches a certain length of twisted and begin to droop down, so that it resembles a palm tree.

Popular for home cultivation of these types of steel:

  • Nolin Nelson (Nolina nelsoni):
  • recurved (Beaucarnea recurvata):
  • Compressed (Beaucarnea stricta):
  • Lindemeyra (Nolina lindheimeriana).

Beaucarnea stricta – the second kind of popularity. This plant has magnificent crown and spectacular views.

Nolina nelsoni – appearance with bluish leaves and hardly pronounced barrel.

Nolina lindheimerian – is undersized plant with strong and dry leaves.

At home, usually grown bokarneyu bent.

Recommendations for cultivation bokarnei

Bokarneya grows very slowly. Caring for this undemanding plant does not require unnecessary hassle and a lot of experience. One only has to provide suitable conditions for exotic plants and little attention – and it will be many years to decorate the house.

The choice of location and lighting

Nolin simplicity allows you to place it as a sunny windowsill, or in partial shade, but for the growth of lush foliage plants need more light. It may feel great on the south window in direct sunlight. In the winter time it is desirable to provide additional lighting bokarnee.


Summer exotic plant feels well at room temperature at 22 + 27 ° C. Can withstand more extreme heat. Plants can be put into the fresh air, but you need to carefully protect it from drafts and sudden cold spells night.


ImportantThe main condition in growing bokarnei – no drafts, which are able to destroy a plant


In winter, the plants provide a rest period, gradually reducing the temperature of the contents. They were preserved in a cool room with a temperature of +12 … + 14 ° C. If, however, provide a rest period is not possible, contain the flower in a bright room with more light. Caring for them is the same as in the summer.

Watering and humidity

Watering bokarneyu need moderately dry soil at a depth of 2-3 cm. She prefers normal or slightly increased humidity. In the room with dry air, especially near the heaters, the tips of the leaves are dry. Help cope with the problem of regular spraying and bathing under a warm shower. Water for these procedures should be well cleared, otherwise the limescale will appear on the leaves.

Even if a long time do not water the plant almost invulnerable. Due to the accumulated fluid in caudex, the plant can survive without irrigation for a long time. If the soil is wet regularly, the roots will suffer from rot and save even adult plant will be very difficult.

Autumn glaze greatly reduce winter can do without them at all, but only when the temperature is lowered to 10 + … + 15 ° C.

It may be used with the bottom watering plant containers with dip in the water, whereupon unnecessary moisture should drain.


Additional information Bokarneya does not require spraying – it leaves a strong enough regular wipe with a damp cloth


Top dressing

In spring and summer you can fertilize cultures twice a month. For this ideal organic or inorganic compound fertilizer for succulents.


Replant the flower needed when the roots fill the entire volume of the pot, the root system of plants is in the upper layers of the soil, so the pot should choose shallow, but wide. Transplanted into shallow broad capacity of ceramics, the diameter of which is only 2-3 cm longer than the barrel diameter at the bottom. At the bottom of the pot is poured drainage.

Young Nolin transplanted each year, older plants, only one transplant in 3-5 years.

During the transplant removed part of the old earthen coma. Damaged parts of the roots are cut.

Note!can not bury caudex.


Bokarneya the bending can reproduce by seed, lateral processes, but the room conditions it is almost never bloom and side branches rarely admits. Growers are trying to implant these processes, but often to no avail. Seeds also multiply Nolin in ambient conditions are not very willing.

The problems and pests

With proper care culture does not suffer from plant diseases. Her juice and tough foliage perfectly protect the flower from parasites. Only in rare cases, the infection may scale insects, thrips and spider mites. Parasites can be eliminated by using insecticides, regular bathing and rubbing the leaves.

Incorrect care for bottle tree at home may experience the following problems:

    • The trunk stretches Nolin and caudex grows – excessive watering and lack of light


    • dry up and fall off the lower leaves – it is a natural process, the dried leaves have to be removed


    • to dry the tips of the leaves turn brown and – too dry air in the room. they cut with sharp scissors – this will return the plant to a neat appearance


    • The trunk shrinks and shrinks – a natural loss of form after a long winter


The spectacular exotic tree, able to transform the interior of the house. In addition to beauty, it is beneficial owners – cleans the air. If you properly care for your plants, it will please their owners do not view one year.

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