All about indoor plants: the right care

Plants grow in many homes and apartments. caring for them requires a serious approach. Lack of skills and necessary knowledge can lead to the fact that the flowers may begin to ache, dry and die. You need to learn how to properly care for flowers so that they delighted their hosts lush flowering and healthy appearance.

Useful properties of indoor plants

What to do to make a fresh decision on equipping the apartment? The decision – the flowers! Learn how to properly care for potted plants and why the rose and anthurium – the perfect flowers for the house.

 Indoor plants for the bedroom which is best?

Plants in the home – is the perfect way of purification and humidification. Flowers produce oxygen, so they have a positive impact on the household and the atmosphere in the house, which, as it comes alive under the influence of such ornaments. Behind the flowers you need to take care, so it is useful to know what principles should guide the care of the home colors.

Flowers in pots – care: what does it depend


Care of potted flowers depends on what kinds of plants we choose for the house and what the conditions for the cultivation of it is dominated, ie sunlight, humidity and temperature.

So, before you choose a particular view, we must consider what requirements it imposes and whether conditions in our home to meet them. Flowers will not grow properly everywhere. If the windows of our apartment facing north, it is best to choose the kinds of plants that tolerate shade, that is, those that have fine leaves such as ivy or Spathiphyllum. High sunlight can burn the leaves. On a nice sunny home on the window sill, you can easily place succulents that will best thrive in hot, dry areas and are not afraid even drying. Succulents certainly a good color for people

Proper care of indoor plants

Care of potted flowers at home is mainly in planting, watering and fertilizing. For planting should choose a soil mix for selected species, such as orchids or ferns, or the universal soil mixed with sand and garden soil. Before you put the plant in a pot, it is worth remembering about the drainage, for example, made of small stones, which will protect the roots from rotting, and the holes in the bottom of the pot. Watering houseplants is very individual. Some of the flowers are watered even in the summer every day, others experience a horrible lack of water, even during the week and a half. It also depends on where they are – in sunny places we water more often, standing in the shadow of much rarer.

One of the important processes of care – spraying the leaves in the morning with warm water. In hot sunny weather, the flowers and greenery spray is not recommended not to set fire to the leaves. Spraying replaces humidification reduces the presence of dust on the leaves, the plant cools in the heat.

Good to know!A sign that an urgent need to water the plant -uvyadanie and yellowing of leaves.

In addition to irrigation, we fertilize plants, but remember moderation – it is better not to overfeed flowers fertilizers, because instead of having to grow up, they will wither or rot. Fertilize leafy plant with nitrogen and potassium, and flowering plants with nitrogen and phosphorus. Flowering plants and fertilize more often than others, because they need a lot of energy to bloom.

Note!The plants need to accumulate a variety of nutrients? they need to get the period of vegetative rest. Usually, the growing season is necessary to winter time. To do this, stop making dressings, as well as significantly reduce watering.

To make a beautiful shape of the crown, to remove dead parts and for the rejuvenation of the whole plant is carried out pruning of shoots.

 We also need to remember to transplant the plants once in 2-4 years, always in a pot slightly larger.

A potted rose – Maintenance</ h5>

Growing roses in pots readily grown fans of the king of colors that can not afford the rose bushes in the garden or on the plot. When they bloom, potted roses are one of the most beautiful flowers, so they are a valuable decoration of the apartment.

Roses good feeling in the well-lit and bright places, but protected from strong sunlight. They will grow in apartments with windows facing east, south or west. If we have a balcony, it is necessary to put the pot in the summer roses in the street and bring them to the apartment until the first frost. The best soil for roses – humus soil mixed with sand or loam soil. Water the rose moderately – in the summer more often, several times a week, less in winter, for example, once a week. Let us remember that the dryness does more harm roses than overflow. We use fertilizer for roses often, every 2-3 weeks from March to August.

Anthurium – Maintenance

Anthurium – a very ornamental plant with bright colors and original dark-green leaves. He is admired for its exotic nature and is therefore very popular decoration apartments. Anthurium is also suitable as a very effective gift for a loved one.

Anthurium requires of us a bit of effort, but the beauty of this plant are definitely compensates for the effort. For anthurium in our apartment, choose a light place, but with a diffused light. He does not like sunny places, where they can burn the leaves. Also important high humidity not lower than 50 percent, and the optimal temperature is 20-28 degrees – anturium because exotic plant. Anthurium flower needs a humus soil, light and well drained, can be successfully used for ground orchids. Let us remember the drainage layer. Watering anthurium, checking soil hydration finger each time. Touching the compost is easy enough to understand the need watering or not.

Summer watering is usually more intense, for example, every 4-5 days, and in winter even less frequently than once a week.

Tips and Tricks from the florist

Tips on how to feed the household nutrient mixtures flowers will help to strengthen the plant – to prevent the development of diseases.

  • The egg shell is crushed and added to it a pinch of powdered sugar.
  • coffee grounds mixed with a small amount of sugar.
  • Peel bananas from the ground into mush.

The water in which boiled eggs good for plants. It contains a lot of nutrients. The resulting fertilizer is added in pots.

Supporting simple rules and recommendations for the care of house plants, will allow them to enjoy the beauty of constantly . Regular and timely care will eliminate most of the diseases that occur due to the fact that it is not carried out a simple living conditions.