Anthurium – flower room

for interior decoration in apartments or even in the office, it is possible to grow potted plants Anthuriums. Look these houseplants very impressive and original. Among them are not only flourishing culture, but there are decorative and deciduous species, affecting the expressiveness and diversity of its leaves.

Types of anthurium, photo[/caption]

The leaves are also different shapes: heart-shaped, round, a cut form. Leaf surface is a matte or glossy.

How to care for the flower

You are a born lover of indoor plants and want to know everything about them? We will help you to discover all the secrets. We will start with an unusual flower, which is the mysterious name Anthurium.

It should be noted that the plant is quite moody. The first days (and even a couple of weeks!) After the”resettlement” in your home, it will be sluggish and almost lifeless. Do not fall immediately into a panic, better give him time to adapt to new conditions. The first days it is not worth to bother him.

Note!Exotic loves to stray light and heat. It grows naturally in the rainforest and accustomed to semi-shade or diffused light, does not like drafts.

“Graph” flowering Anthurium is: in January the flower is beginning to take the first shoots, and behind them, and flowers, that lasts until the end of August and beginning of September. And with this period and until January plant enters into a so-called quiescent zone. Flowers that have already faded, try to cut once, that does not give effect to the plant to lose.

Over time, anthurium lose their decorative effect: the leaves become smaller, there is a dry stem with remnants of petioles. In this case it is useful”to rejuvenate the anthurium.” Anthurium transplant should be done about once a year or, if the plant is”adult”, – once every six months, with very carefully because of the high friability and fragility even measles system.

transplant anturiama

breeding methods anthurium few:

  • dividing heavily overgrown bush;
  • offspring;
  • stem cuttings;
  • rooting sheet.

Good to know!Pot flower pick is not too large. He likes to close the pots and only under this condition for a long time in bloom.

If you notice that the plants started to curl the leaves, it is a sure sign that it lacks any light, either water or heat. So let’s look at the basic rules for anthurium care to avoid these troubles.

When choosing a soil, prefer acidic, loose soil with additional content baking powder and bark.

Talking about the weather conditions, it must be said that the Anthurium extremely thermophilic and can not tolerate the cold. However, do not put it on the windowsill – direct rays of the sun, too, he does not like. The most comfortable temperature from +20 to +22 degrees (+ 18-19 at night), and during the period January-March night lower the temperature to 15 degrees.

Now about watering. Flower loves moisture. Watering Anthurium should be regular, sufficient, but not reinforced, otherwise the plant may disappear. Watering should be in the summer about once every 2-3 days, once a week in winter.

Important!The water for irrigation is better to defend. It should be soft.

According to the above”schedule”, try to reduce the amount of moisture, replacing it by spraying. Anthurium Spray should be 2 to 3 times a day. While spraying water should not fall on the flowers, otherwise they may be covered with dark spots.

Also for the preservation and protection of the root system and to avoid drying out in the cold time of the year can be covered with moss the flower roots. By the way, if you pour water from the tap, ie tight, you can soon notice some black spots on the leaves. Therefore, it is better to start pouring the water or the filtered supernatant.

Watering anthuriums

like any other houseplant, keep in mind that this plant also needs regular feeding of. You can not do it so often: during active plant growth about 1 time in 10 days.

In keeping with the right conditions for the cultivation of Anthurium, he will thank his lush flowering during all twelve months. Rooms with pet look cozier. Anthurium flowers can be used for cut flower bouquets. They can stand in the water, without losing the decoration up to six weeks.