Rose Cherry Brandy

Currently, there are a large number of varieties and species of beautiful roses. Of all the varieties of hybrid tea roses are the most popular among gardeners. This bright bushes with large beautiful flowers and delicate scent. They are better in quality than many well-known varieties of roses.

The properties of tea roses

This variety is characterized by a constant flowering, hardiness, disease resistance.

Breeders brought a large number of Hybrid Tea roses of different colors and shades, fragrances and shapes of colors so you can choose rose for every taste. Choose plants based on personal taste, the local climate and characteristics of the landing site.

Decorated with roses by such small areas. They are easy to shape the trunk of the bush turned into a tree-bouquet.

Description Cherry Brandy

Sherry Brandy Rose is a representative of this species was bred in Germany in 2004, in the tantalum nursery.

Flowers with a delicate fruity aroma and petals beautiful shade of large dense buds, which are shaped glasses. In the middle of the flower petals of orange, pink at the edges red.

Rosebud Cherry Brandy

Rose bush with shiny, dark green leaves, grows 70-90 cm in height. Stems without thorns.

Grow these roses are not difficult to breed them in the open and closed ground. They bloom from late June until the first frost.

The main advantage of the variety is considered to be a decorative look to re-flowering bush. The drawback is that the bright sun buds fade. It is necessary to provide them with an easy penumbra.

bouquet of roses

To decorate the flower garden used in different ways. It is suitable for self-cultivation, planted in a separate group, combined with undersized flowers.

Grade Cherry Brandy Roses used to form borders.

Additional information!Rosa suitable for garden decoration and slice.


Experienced gardeners carry out planting in the spring and fall, from mid-April and late October. The best time for planting of hybrid tea roses? the beginning of May. By this time the soil is well warmed up. The best soil for roses weakly acidic or neutral. Planting holes are prepared in advance, dig them so deep that the roots freely placed in it, and do not bend. Bushes take root deep, therefore their landing pits prepare not smaller than 60 cm. At the bottom of the stack humus, mineral fertilizers that are well formed and developed root system bush.

Before planting seedling desirably dipped in water for several hours, so that the roots were filled with moisture.

Rose Cherry brandy (Cherry Brandy)? photophilous plant prefers sunny places without drafts and water stagnation.


To rose blooming longer, you need time to remove overblown blossoms, and conduct regular watering and fertilizing. If the moisture in the soil will not be enough, it can slow down the growth of shoots.

Fed plants with mineral and organic fertilizers in the spring and summer. At the end of August or in early September made potash fertilizer to plant a good winter.

Throughout the season the roses have to cut several times. Spring pruning is performed before kidney awakening.

Important!Spring pruning? most important.

Summer? It stimulates the re-bloom roses. During this crop wilted flowers are removed with a small part of the shoot.

In mid-October to carry out sanitary pruning cut off the dry, old and diseased branches, prepare roses for winter. In winter it is desirable to hide the bushes. You can use sawdust, pine needles, peat, sprinkled on top of a layer of earth.

To grow beautiful roses, they need to pay attention and follow the recommendations when planting and care.

Take care in the care of a rose Cherry Brandy, she will thank flowering of incredible beauty.