Rose Lady Emma Hamilton

Roses – very beautiful flowers and their elegant views embellish any garden. Probably hard to find a flower that can be compared with them. English Roses are the most popular varieties of the park.

Lady emma hamilton – rose, bred by the breeder David Austin, named for actress Emma Hamilton, the European celebrity of XVIII – early XIX century.

This relatively new variety, has become known to the public in 2007.

Description park roses

Selection roses are famous unusual color orange terry inflorescences, with a delicate fruity aroma. All varieties of roses David Austin have strong pleasant aroma.


Unopened buds – dark red with an orange tint.

Shrub growing 1-1.5 m tall, compact, branched, straight stems during flowering abundantly covered with flowers. Blooms throughout the season profusely and for a long time. Flowering time from July to October.

The plant is hardy, but does not tolerate prolonged rainy weather. During this period, the buds are not blooming. Disease and pest resistant.

Rose Lady Emma Hamilton care

To care for shrubs roses is not difficult, just need to know some of the rules of care.

Roses are planted in the middle of spring, in April – May, landing is possible and early autumn.

Hamilton can propagate roses from cuttings or by grafting. When propagating roses cuttings, all varietal quality maintained. Cuttings harvested in a young but strong bushes after the first wave of flowering. Grown via grafting, they develop faster and have high resistance to adverse external factors.

Prepare a place to Hamilton varieties of roses on a sunny lit area, so that was a small penumbra, well ventilated on all sides place, protected from drafts and wind.

The ground for the park roses fit loose, nutritious. When the clay soil in the planting hole, add sand, fertilized rotted compost or humus. In sandy soil add compost mixed with clay soil.

Plant a rose should be in the high places, to avoid stagnation of water in order to avoid rotting of the roots.

Rose Emma Hamilton is not demanding to care for. Bushes are able to grow on poor soils and resistant to adverse growing conditions. Care for them, as for all the decorative roses. Water the rose park is rare, but abundant at one time. Watering is carried out in 10-12 days 1-1.5 bucket under a bush.

Important! Throughout the season, periodically loosen the soil around the bushes, spend fertilizing mineral and organic fertilizers several times per season.

Crop stalks, in the care of older bushes, wire forms: we cut the bush in the form of a bowl, leaving the 5-7 strongest shoots. Pruning in the fall is a sanitary nature: the old, damaged, diseased and dead stalks are removed. Faded flowers are removed after completion of flowering shrubs and prepare for winter.

High frost allows not cover the variety Hamilton completely. In winter spud bush to a height of 20 cm. This technique will allow better to keep from freezing dormant buds.

Advantages varieties Hamilton

The special is different from other varieties:

    • exquisite flower shape;
    • the absence of spines;
    • unusual coloring and leaf buds;
    • a long and abundant flowering;
    • simplicity of care;
    • a good frost;
    • disease resistance.

Rose Hamilton appeared recently become popular because of its beauty. The variety of types and colors allows the use of the rosary in many different ways. Shrubs decorate the gazebo, the walls of houses, fences.