Planting roses in the spring in the open ground

Garden roses adorn any garden and any flower bed they will look great, but you need to get them to a lush flowering. To get them to good growth and flowering need to know how they are planted in open ground. This article looks at how the rules are planted rose bushes in the spring.

The best time for planting roses

The best time for planting roses in the spring in open ground – then when it was warm days and the soil is well warmed. Tighten also not necessary that it is possible, in May can stand dry weather, plants will be bad to take root and bloom bright of them do not wait. Many growers prefer to plant roses in early spring.

Roses are one of the heat-loving plants, and planted them as soon as the ground is well warmed, and kidneys have not yet blossomed. Planted rose bushes in the fall can not take root until frost, and there is a risk that the plant may die, but if you are rooted, in the spring are in active growth. Planted in spring or autumn Florist decides for himself how it can be affected by various factors: weather conditions, variety of plants and more.

Preparation for planting

After reviewing the types and varieties of garden roses, you are ready to purchase seedlings. roses seedlings can be in containers or bare-root. The drop-off containers can be planted even in the summer, and with an open root system in spring or autumn.

Choosing rose bush, you need to carefully consider the root system, so that it is not damaged. Too long roots are shortened, and the dry and rotten cut to 1-2 cm to the healthy tissue. Threadlike roots in any case can not be touched. Sam escape is cut at an angle above the outer kidney, leaving the two to four buds.
Before planting the shrub soaked in water for a couple of hours (overnight), and you can add water to a growth factor according to the instructions.

rose planting

Select location for planting according to the following rules. The place should not be darkened, but not in direct sunlight, as this will affect the flowering plants. Rose will bloom quickly, the flowers themselves will look pale, not attractive.
All grades and types of beautiful roses like soft, friable, fertile soil. Getting a rose bush planting is necessary to prepare the land. To do this, dig the soil and make a hole on the bottom of which is laid drainage, fertilizer. A recess dug must be greater earthen coma with roots 10 cm. Bush dug into the ground at 4 cm from the neck. Land for backfilling pits mixed with compost, it is useful to add wood ash, and firmly tamped. Bush spud and make earthen ditch so that the water does not flow, and well watered.

Rules planting

What grade and type of roses was not selected for them, there are some planting rules.
The correct choice of a place – a bright, protected from the direct rays of place.

Prepare a seedling for planting, inspect and remove dry, rotten and very long roots.
Make a well, planted bush, hard-packed earth around it, to hill 15 cm to protect the shrub roses from drying out and abundantly watered.
By performing these simple requirements, you can count on lavish bloom favorite roses from spring to autumn.