Care and breeding roses newcomers

The most beautiful flowers delight the eye with the diversity of species and colors. Especially nice lyubovattsya a rose if it is grown with their own hands. Paying attention to and care of beauty, waiting for a bush of beautiful rose flowers, we notice that it begins to run wild, vrevraschatsya in prickly briar. Why is try to understand. Rose the most beautiful flowers and no, they do not leave indifferent towards them. Which only colors and varieties of roses exist in the world. White, red, yellow, pink and many other colors of this beauty grows humanity. This queen of flowers adorn the garden plots, cottages and many architectural structures.

Maintenance and cultivation of roses newcomers

Many amateur gardeners grow roses on their own land, using cuttings and shoots. Roses are grown from seeds seldom as bad seeds sprout and germinate for a long time.

For those who are not experienced with the cultivation of roses at home, the process may seem time consuming and difficult, and they have a lot of different questions arise how to choose the place, which rules the care of roses planted appendage. Understand the characteristics of planting bushes, every beginner in this matter and bestow a rosary in his backyard.

Rose bushes grow well and grow wild in the light areas of the garden, but not in direct sunlight, since the flowers will look faded quickly osypyatsya. Roses love the soft, friable, fertile land, and it is worth paying attention to beginners. Not worth the beautiful garden planted under trees, on a very wet lands. Although roses love the moisture, but the roots may die with high humidity. In places where water accumulates plant may die, he zagniyut roots.
To the young bushes successfully wintered their sheltered harbor materialom.Eto can be sawdust, pine needles, straw and other materials.

Preparing the ground for planting

Decided where to grow rose bushes, you need to carefully prepare for the landing. Land cleaned of weeds, dug, well-fertilized. Dig holes, which put in manure or compost. To prepare the seedlings deep (forty -pyatdesyat cm) recess to freely arrange the roots. Favorable time for planting seedlings of garden roses in early spring or autumn.

Choosing seedlings

For beginners it is always the question of what is best to choose a seedling? The main thing to choose strong and healthy shrub. When you purchase it is necessary to examine the well to detect various defects and signs of the disease. Roots examine carefully, so that the plant had a strong root system. A strong and healthy root quickly take root in the ground. Preference should be given to seedlings in the container. This will prevent the plant from external damage.