The feed rose for good growth and flowering

Rose – one of the most beautiful flowers and many growers-fans want and grow on their land the queen of flowers. Before you get a beautiful flowering, you need to make some effort to care. One of the most important rules is the correct dressing. Without it, these magnificent flowers will bloom poorly or do not blossom. Fertilizer for top dressing is chosen for each season separately, using organic and mineral fertilizers.

Chemical fertilizers. How to fertilize roses in spring for a lush flowering in the garden

Under the rose bushes fertilizers are applied several times per season. Early in the spring – before flowering, and after each wave of flowering. Spring fertilized with phosphorus, as they have long decomposed. Phosphorus contributes to violent flowering plants. This may be superphosphate, colloidal phosphate, bone meal. Fertilize plants with phosphorus can be throughout the season.

Also phosphorus plants need potassium, nitrogen, magnesium, iron, boron and manganese. Nitrogen promotes healthy green mass. It is made in the spring.
Besides phosphorus and nitrogen as needed potassium rose to buds were luxurious and constantly bloomed. With a lack of these nutrients stalks are small and pale, and the tips of the leaves begin to turn yellow.

Potassium fertilizer in the fall do as well, a month before the cold weather to plant overwintered well and brightly flowered in the next season. Organic fertilizers are used such as potassium chloride, potassium and magnesium fertilizers. nitrate, potassium salt, potassium sulfate. Shrubs pink whimsical to the content in the soil of various nutrients.

Organic fertilizers

It is possible to feed spring bushes onto organic, such as humus or chicken litter, while respecting the dosage solution. Fresh chicken litter and humus make impossible, the plant may die or get burned. You can also use a liquid fertilizer based on grass and weeds, or mulch.
Organic and mineral fertilizers are complementary, interacting. Main meals rose bushes made of mineral dressing, organic fertilizers help to better assimilated mineral.
Experienced gardeners recommend first making mineral fertilizer, and then the organic.

How to make fertilizer

Do not exceed the dose of fertilizer to fertilize during solntsepoka, fertilizers are applied to soil demoisturized.
Gardeners use different methods of fertilizer application. Foliar feeding is carried out departing from the stem 15 cm, having made shallow grooves and filling them fertilizer. Sprinkle the ground. With such a feeding, during irrigation and during the rainy period, the nutrients will flow into the root systems gradually. This method of feeding is well suited for rosary. This method can make organic and mineral fertilizers. At the end of summer and beginning of autumn rose bushes are no longer fed to the plant could be prepared for the cold and winter. Fertilizers provoke the emergence of new shoots, it spent force, reducing the hardiness of plants.

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