Rose Spirit Of Freedom

English rose look reminiscent of old varieties of Damascus, Bourbon, Gallic, but they differ in a wide palette of colors. Bushes of roses to grow on poor soil, they are resistant to adverse growing conditions.

Description Spirit Of Freedom roses

Variety selection of English roses David Austin Spirit launched in 2002. It is characterized by luxurious gustomahrovye flowers, gathered in a large glass of 12-14 cm in diameter. Flowering long, again, on the same peduncle many flowers. The main flowering period, there are 14-15 bright buds on the stem. Blossoms all season long soft pink flowers that bloom in the period acquired a magenta tone.

Weather affects the state of the buds: high humidity, the flowers droop and look down.

Please note!Threaded bush with gray-green foliage may grow to 2,5 -2,7 m, from which it is possible to form a small climbing rose.

Plants resistant to disease and frost.

Grade Spirit of Freedom rose (translated Spirit of Freedom) since its inception roses are in high demand.

Ostinki varietal roses have strong pleasant aroma and must meet the requirements.

  • Beautiful form of a glass.
  • The bright color.
  • The delicate fragrance.
  • High viability.

caring for plants

To plant rose bushes in the garden is better in autumn or spring. roses planted in the spring to require intensive care themselves as they begin to actively develop shoots and leaves, and the root system remains weak. When autumn planting roses have time to settle down, and in the spring she starts developing faster than spring planting. Wait on abundant flowering roses in the first year is not worth it – they need to settle down and build a strong root system.

Place selected solar for planting roses. In the shade they bloom worse and paler, throwing blind shoots. In addition, the spots may appear on the leaves. The area should be well ventilated but draft-free. By soil roses are not demanding, they suit any except heavy soils.

 Important! in the care of roses, for good growth and abundant flowering necessarily need to spend fertilizing fertilizers, as these plants are quite demanding on the soil fertility.

In the first year of planting bushes produce fertilizer fertilizer is not recommended to ensure the strengthening of independent roots.

With further care dressing is carried out in spring and early summer:

      • The first feeding is carried out in the spring of rose bushes;
      • the second – during budding roses;
      • the third – after the first flowering

Early autumn, to prepare roses for winter, feed their potash fertilizers.

Roses need to be fed complex fertilizers, alternating with organic mineral (in its composition must be nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium), the infusion of mullein, wood ashes.

Pruning shrubs

In the spring when the rose buds still empty in the growth, cut out the old and vymerzshie shoots to the ground.

Pruning of shoots in the class, it is performed to stimulate flowering wave forming bush.

After flowering, the flower stalks are removed with a part of the shoot.

The first couple of years, the young shoots are thin, and can not always keep a heavy bud, but it is normalized over time.

Roses are extremely resistant to disease, but they may suffer from diseases with a lack of important nutrients and trace elements.

Fight plant pests is difficult, so it is best to carry out timely prevention, treating stems and leaves with special solutions.

Roses – cold-resistant plants, can move desyatigradusny frost. Clipped onto the stems 30 cm can overwinter well, so preparing rose bushes for winter pruning is performed fall to such a length.

Grade “Spirit of Freedom” is very interesting, but also difficult to grow. Roses are used to create a landscape design at their summer cottage or garden plot.

Proper care of the rose bushes will provide a magnificent and their long flowering, delighting everyone with his appearance.