In the same place should stand orchid in the apartment

Orchids are one of the most diverse plants, and at the same time the most popular indoor flower. They grow in all parts of the world: from the tropics, subtropics to a moderate belt. Some grows in the ground, like other plants, others on the trunks of trees and eat moisture around them. Orchid care at home: love heat, light and humidity. Caring for them is significantly different from classic room plants.

How to successfully grow orchids in the apartment

It is not difficult to grow orchids at home. At home, you can grow tropical species that were crossed, and from which they achieved strong, large leaves and rich inflorescences. Most species do not need greenhouse and in complex care, but, different types need different care.

Where to put orchid in the apartment? Orchids in nature grow in a warm, light medium with high humidity, but at the same time are always surrounded by thick foliage of other trees. Accordingly, you should choose a suitable place for your orchid:

  • bright place;
  • without direct sunlight, especially at noon;
  • Western or Eastern Window;
  • shade from direct sunlight.

Secrets of growing orchids. If you know the basic requirements of orchids, care is not difficult. From a variety of types, you can choose with your peculiarities. It is important to choose the right view in accordance with the available conditions or adjust them if possible.

Orchids occur from different climates and some species are sensitive to temperature, others – to humidity or type of substrate. Temperature requirements are different for different orchid varieties. In general, orchids love warmth in summer. However, in winter, the temperature may be slightly lower.

healthy plant

Most varieties do not tolerate too much cold. Temperature requirements are different for different orchid varieties. When buying it is better to know what temperature for this variety is ideal. The approximate value of the daytime temperature in the summer can vary from 20 ° C to 28 ° C, depending on the variety of orchids. The difference between day and night temperatures should not be significant, at night it is best about 18 ° C. They are withstanding short-term fluctuations in temperature, but in the long run it harms them like a summer midday heat. Most varieties do not tolerate too much cold.

They need enough light, but not straight sun rays. The sun often burns leaves. In accordance with this, their location should be taken into account. It is better to place them on the eastern windowsill or on the table at ?? windows.

Orchids on the windowsill

All orchids need light. In the wild, many types of orchids will settle on the trees, since they often lack light on Earth. In the house of the plant without problems can stand on the windowsill, but are not subjected to a strong hedgehog.

flowering plants on the windowsill

Which window is better to grow orchids? They will grow well in the windows on the eastern or western side. Places on the Western and East side are very suitable, as the orchids are getting enough there. On the southern window, they receive the required amount of light in winter.

Please note!If the orchids have dark leaves, she lacks light. On the other hand, reddish or yellow-brown leaves indicate its abundance.

If possible, it is impossible to place orchids in the southern window, since a strong midday sun damages the plant. The southwest window is suitable for many orchids. On the north side it is necessary to ensure artificial lighting to fill the plant lack of light.

  • Plant in indirect light, Beware of sharp rays.
  • Orchids are best growing on the windowsill behind the curtains or blinds.
  • they should not stand on a draft or where too cold.
  • Separate plants should not touch each other and should have enough space.

If orchids are located in the southwest, the leaves should be regularly sprayed in dry summer days to protect the foliage from overheating. The leaves of many types of orchids get sunburn if the sunlight is too strong. Air circulation should also be provided. In case of sensitive orchids, it may even be necessary to install the fan.

important!For home orchid, not only the temperature and light play an important role, but also humidity

Since the orchids always absorb nutrients and moisture through the leaves, choose a place with the highest possible humidity. Because of his tropical origin, the orchids love wet air, preferably at least 50 percent. But since in most houses humidity below 40%, plants need moisture. Sufficient humidity will provide spraying with a pulverizer, or put an orchid into the bowl with stones, pour water into it so that it is slightly lower than the edges, and regularly add water.

spraying with a pulverizer

Orchids in water should not constantly stand or be in a wet and wet substrate.

Orchids love fresh air. Regularly ventilate them, which will also protect them from fungal diseases.

In winter, hot radiators often become a problem. Orchids on the windowsill over the heating battery are hardly tolerated: the leaves are wrinkled, the buds fall. The only recommendation is to put orchids out of reach of the jet of warm air, or if there is an opportunity to reduce the water temperature in heating batteries. The following types of orchids will grow in classic apartments with central heating:

Falenopsis Orchid is a beautiful blooming orchid, suitable for all newcomers, the most resistant cultural childbirth.

Orchid Wanda (Vanda Coerulea) is one of the most attractive orchids, it is well tolerating the sun.

Orchid in the bedroom: Impact on Health

Is it possible to keep home orchid in the bedroom? Bedroom – place where they spend the most time. Greens have a positive effect on people and their mental health. Ideal for accommodation in the bedroom of cacti, succulents, orchids or bromels.

They are active at night, and while we sleep and consume oxygen, they produce it and refresh the air. Since the orchid flowers do not smell – this is the perfect plant for the bedroom. If you put a bigger flower in the bedroom, it will also moisturize the air.

Orchids are also sensitive to ethylene and if they, for example, stand on the windowsill in the kitchen, better put a basket with fruit in another place.

How to care for orchids at home in pot?

Orchid Pots

Relatively unpretentious phalaenopsis and other species can be successfully grown in pots, if they provide them with a special permeable, air substrate with a limited amount of nutrients. How to choose orchid in a pot? Capacity should not be too big. The roots do not need dark, and you can choose transparent flower pots.

The orchid phalaenopsis loves the weaker rays of the morning sun, and the wanders need an intense light.