Strawberry, planting and care

Strawberries loved by children and adults. It is tasty and useful berry. Some gardeners believe that it is difficult to grow, so do not want to plant it in large quantities. In fact, it’s not so difficult, if properly take care of it.


Sprouts strawberries

Some people in order to save buying cheap seedlings. Due to the low quality of such planting material, you can get a harvest only a year later. Quality seedlings will take root and soon give a good harvest.

 To not make the wrong choice of strawberries is necessary to take annual seedlings that were grown in separate cups. The root system of the plants should be at least five centimeters.

Note!You can not buy a plant that is affected by the disease and has an open root system. Chances to settle down in a small seedling, and the presence of the disease will lead to the need to combat it, as well as low yields.

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landing site

Strawberries are very fond of light, so when choosing a location for its planting should take into account this fact and placed it in the direction from north to south.

 Strongly recommended to plant strawberries where previously grown potatoes or tomatoes next to the sink. But a great place would be a piece of land after fennel, onions, peas, garlic.

For planting strawberries need to prepare warm beds. To do this, the design should fill with manure, old leaves, ash and compost. Care for the beds so much easier. Moreover, strawberries likes loose soil.


When a place is defined and completed all the preparations, you can start planting seedlings.


    • The distance between the bushes should be about 50 cm. It is better to seat them in a checkerboard pattern.
    • The distance from one row to another should be 70 cm. This will allow the plants get enough light and airy.
    • Another very important time of landing. If you decide to plant to plant in the spring, it is best to do so before mid-May, the summer planting is necessary in August – early September


The most correct to consider planting in the summer-autumn period.

 Seedlings planted in the hole must be pre engorged plant moisture. To this end it with the roots immersed in water, add three drops of Kornevina and allowed eight hours. Seedlings in cups placed in enough water for 20 minutes or just good pour solution for root growth hour before planting.

Additional information!It is important that the roots are not curled. Therefore, each plant they need to straighten and cut off at 10 cm, otherwise the roots will rot zagnuvshiesya, and the bush will grow more slowly and give poor yields.

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In strawberries, planted in the spring, be sure to remove the flowers formed. This is to ensure that the bushes have grown up over the summer and got stronger. This also ensures a good harvest in the coming year. Also, the plant should be fed weekly by spraying the leaves fertilizing.

 Strawberries planted in the fall is necessary to provide a comfortable environment to survive the winter. To do this, the beds should be covered agrovoloknom. Break off the leaves in the next year is not necessary.

In the following years the strawberries need fertilizing. And it’s better to do it before the onset of sustained heat. Just need three such feeding. And all of them must be carried out before the buds appear.

 Remontant strawberries need fertilizing during the season once a week.

In addition, the plant must be cleaned from the damaged leaves and process it against diseases and pests. Remove the leaves need with scissors, not your hands, as there is a risk of damage to the bush.

 And one more important condition – the soil should always be moist. Loosen it is not necessary, since the roots of strawberries are close to the soil surface.

Within four years, Strawberry good fruit, being in one place, then it must be transplanted.

From all this it can be concluded that caring for strawberries is quite simple and requires no special skills.