Growing strawberries

Strawberry – everyone’s favorite berry of childhood. Not everyone can easily buy it in the store, as the price category of the berries, it is large enough. But the desire and capacity, you can easily grow it in summer conditions.

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  • area planting. With such a planting distance between the bushes should not exceed 30-35 cm. Mustaches are prohibited from interfering, but rather let them grow. This planting is good for those who can not spend much time in the garden, there is the possibility of a permanent watering and loosening of beds. Minus this planting is that the berry will eventually become smaller.
    Carpet method planting strawberries


These methods are popular among gardeners gardeners.

How to fertilize strawberries

Is compulsory nitrogen and potassium fertilization of the bush, for a perfect and proper development.

Note!under a bush Watering should be carried out on the wet ground, so as not to damage or burn the roots. Spray the bush need night or in cloudy weather, otherwise more likely to burn the leaves.

It is also necessary to remove damaged or dry leaves. Ammonia, very good remedy against malicious beetles such as May or weevil. During flowering berries for better taste, you need to give potassium bush feeding. It is best to use organic fertilizers, which are sold in any flower shop. Three of the best ways to fertilize strawberries folk remedies.

  • Ash. As strawberries fertilized with ashes? Ash to pour two liters of water and leave for a day. Potassium and many other nutrients dissolved. Then it all mix well and irrigate does not indifferently under a bush.
  • Boric acid. Thanks to this flower becomes very strong, and ovaries are formed correctly. Use boric acid is necessary during the flowering time for a larger harvest. Enough 2 c. acid in 10 liters of water. Spray the need for most of the flowers.
  • Honey water. Since the best pollinators for centuries considered to be the bees for their honey is used to attract water. Enough one tablespoon of honey per liter of water. Need to spray the sheets and flowers.

With due and proper courting the bushes of strawberries, the harvest will be a great and delicious.

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