Strawberry Wim Kimberley description of the variety and growing rules

Sort strawberry (strawberry) Kimberly is very popular among gardeners. The reason is that it does not require special care and brings early harvest juicy and sweet berries in late May.
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Strawberry garden Wim Kimberly

Strawberries Kimberly: Description

Strawberry varieties evaluated on the basic parameters: yield, difficulty of cultivation and resistance to unfavorable factors. According to expert scale of these figures in the Kimberley are at a high level. It is also worth noting the excellent aroma and taste of berries.

Photos Strawberry Kimberly photo
Strawberry Kimberly photo

Strawberry Kimberly was bred in the Netherlands by crossing two other varieties. For crossing were selected varieties Chandler and Gorelli with large fruits of excellent flavor, which successfully cultivated by gardeners. Kimberly largely surpassed their quality.

Strawberry bushes in a small, stocky, strong, it can withstand the weight of berries without bending to the ground. Leaves average size, rounded and smooth glossy surface. Large fruit weighing 50-60 grams of bright red color have a conical shape. The berries are very juicy and sweet taste. Inside the fruit there is no cavities, which increases their tolerance for transportation.

Fruiting strawberry starts in late May and early June, and lasts only 15-20 days. But even in that short period from one bush can collect from 1.5 to 2 kg of ripe berries. The highest harvest can be collected for 2-3 year life of plants.

Advantages and disadvantages of grade

Strawberry Kimberly is better suited for growing in areas with warm and mild climate, but thanks to good frost resistance, this grade also can be grown in the central regions. In this case it is necessary to provide protection of plants from freezing in the winter.

Among gardeners grade Kimberly has a lot of positive feedback:

  • unusual aroma of berries;
  • attractive appearance;
  • strong stems;
  • early fruiting;
  • high yield;
  • is suitable for transportation;
  • The variety is resistant to a large number of diseases;
  • frost, which can be grown in cold and changeable climate.

Kimberly strawberry varieties, like the others, has its own advantages and disadvantages. By cons include such qualities:

  • does not tolerate drought and can quickly die without watering;
  • fruiting lasts only 2-3 weeks;
  • weak immunity to pests.

Planting and care

To get a good harvest, you first need to properly plant a strawberry.

Heart strawberry outlet

Its plant in the spring or early fall with the arrival in the appropriate place. Solar selected areas protected from drafts and winds. The selected site is cleaned of weeds and fertilized. 7-14 days, you can start to perform basic operations.

Seedlings before planting in the planting hole, you need to prepare. Choose one of the strongest stems and cut the rest. This procedure will slow the evaporation of moisture.

After ripening berries all the leaves are cut to stimulate the rapid growth of new shoots. If the owner is focused on getting the crop in the period of fruiting mustache that take energy out of the bushes, are also removed.

Important!To grow large berries crop rotation can not be ignored. To strawberries does not degenerate and does not become small, it is necessary to change the place of growing strawberries every 3-4 years.

The variety of strawberry Wim Kimberly should not be grown there, where previously grown cereals.

To get a quality crop, the beds should be regularly loosened, so that the soil is enriched with oxygen. At the same time remove the weeds that draw nutrients from the cultivated plants.


Strawberry Kimberly loves moisture. Therefore, in the absence of watering the bushes can begin to wither and dry up very quickly. During ripening watering is carried out once every 4-5 days.


Grade Kimberly is very sensitive to feeding. During the growing season strawberries are fed four times. The spring when the snow come down, make organic fertilizer containing a high nitrogen concentration, which stimulates the growth of green mass.

During flowering and fruiting shrubs add a fertilizer containing phosphorus and potassium. In late August, preparing strawberries for winter and make potash.

Note!Before each dressings, for 30-40 minutes, it is necessary to water the strawberries at the root. The leaves and the core can not moisturize.

Planting young strawberry

Plant reliability is largely dependent on the quality of seedlings. To be sure of the quality factor of seedlings, buy them in the nursery, specialty store, but not in random places.

How to choose a good brush? Leaves should be a rich green, without spots and damage. Plants with wrinkled or wilted leaves indicate the presence of disease in them.

Choose the seedlings in containers. If the seedlings are unpacked, it should be with a good root system: the root of the length is not less than 7 cm, without damaging the roots and dry.

If planting is delayed for a few days, the seedlings of strawberries you can hold in the water to the roots do not dry out.

Soil Preparation

Requirements that strawberry Kimberly presents to the soil: air permeability, fertile, with a small amount of sand and peat.

Before planting seedling weeds are removed from the selected portion. It is possible to disinfect the ground disinfectants that are sold in specialty stores.

Planting strawberry patch

  • The distance between the bushes must be maintained at least 30 cm.
  • The wells are doing deep to the bush after planting was below ground level. It will retain moisture after watering.
  • Before planting in each well is added half a cup of ash and humus (compost).
  • Pour a little water and put the seedling into the hole, spreading the roots a bit.
  • The soil is thoroughly tamped, that there was no air layers.
  • The growing point should be located at ground level.
    Strawberry on a bed photo

Note!cut off the old leaves When planting in the fall (late August-September).

Strawberry needs a large amount of moisture, especially upon landing. For successful rooting seedlings watered recommended daily for seven days. In the future, hydration is carried out in such a way that the soil was always slightly damp with no stagnant water in the roots, which may lead to botrytis.

Mulching will help retain moisture and reduce weed growth. When the ground mulch, strawberries ripen faster, and larger berries. In addition, they are clean, and they are easier to collect. Suitable dry grass, leaves, straw, pine needles, sawdust. If you use grass or straw, it is dried thoroughly to prevent seedlings from pests and diseases.

After collecting the berries experienced gardeners pruned grade Kimberley. In this case, the new shoots are actively growing. Pruning shrubs in autumn is also produced continuously.

Breeding Methods

There are several ways of growing strawberries. Kimberly variety grown mainly by vegetative methods.

In healthy plants that otplodonosivshie, let his mustache into prepared grooves. When they start up roots, they are separated from the parent plant and transplanted to another location.

Healthy large shrub can be divided into several parts, each has to be the central bud. The resulting separate parts are placed into the wells and they grow as single plants.

Growing strawberries from seed is an extremely complex process, the result is often obtained plants do not retain varietal characteristics.

Important!Ripe berries collected in dry weather early in the morning or in the evening. In this case, the berries stay fresh longer.

Diseases and pests

Garden strawberry Wim Kimberly resistant to fungal diseases, except for botrytis development of which is associated with overheating and stagnation of water in the roots. For the treatment of diseased plants is recommended to normalize the irrigation regime, and to enrich the oxygen beds. As protection from pest insecticides recommended with a corresponding spectrum of action.

You can use folk remedies.

  • Insist 500g. dandelion in a bucket of warm water 3 hours the resulting solution is sprayed strawberries.
  • minced clove of garlic Pour 3 liters of water and insist for a week. This infusion will help to effectively get rid of the pests.

If the methods of traditional medicine does not help, you need to use special preparations. All chemicals should be used only in accordance with the instructions.

The most important measure to prevent insects and diseases is the proper care, including watering and feeding, remove weeds and plant the affected areas.

The variety is frost-resistant, so requires no shelter in warm areas. But if the climatic conditions in the region are characterized by severe winters recommended strawberry hide using spruce branches, non-woven fabrics.

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