4 remontant varieties of strawberries

Garden strawberries are easy to grow fruit, producing its fruit in late spring and early summer, almost every person on this planet loves the juicy and very tasty berries. In the world there are so many varieties of strawberries and of course they have differences, namely in taste and productive qualities.

The varieties of strawberries. The best varieties remontant strawberries

In this case, summer resident may ask what kind of variety to choose and stay happy? Strawberry varieties differ in taste and yield, but in this article will be told about the strawberries with a high yield, and it is possible to choose themselves what to plant.


Note!from one bush of this variety can be collected three kilograms of strawberries. Collection can be made from the end of spring to autumn frosts.

Berry pretty tasty, this is no doubt.


This is also a hybrid. There was this sort about 10 years ago, thanks to the American specialists. This variety is quite a pleasant smell and a large amount of berries, and the berries are attractive appearance. At the leaves of this variety large plate. They help the plant to escape the heat. Yields are lower than in the previous grade. On the one bush can collect two kilograms of strawberries. And you can harvest all summer to collect c beginning of June and end of August.

Grade strawberry” Albion”

Mara des Bois

This culture was born in 1991. What a long time for our time. Discoverers strawberry breeders originally from France. In the variety is quite unusual form of shrubs and fruit. It is certainly unusual, when accustomed to the permanent shape of a strawberry. He also excels at low temperature. Therefore, after the winter will be lost only 5% percent of your planting is typical enough. More than 5% can not be. And as this plant is very tasty.

remontant strawberry variety” Mara des Bois”

Queen Elizabeth 2

This variety was born thanks to the Russian breeders. Therefore, it is their pride. It gives two crops of the season. And the first gathering of berries is not the best, because the berries may be not quite the correct form. This gathering will take place in June. In the second collecting everything will be much better. And the berries will have a familiar form, of course, be able to please you. The fruits of this crop are excellent transportation. And also you can put them in the freezer.

” Queen Elizabeth 2″- remontant strawberry cultivar

Harvest strawberry growers can harvest all summer. The choice of varieties of strawberries depends on the region of residence, the weather and the soil in which it will grow.