How useful strawberries?

Strawberries – the most popular berry in the world. Very useful product that has anti-inflammatory properties that can have a positive impact on our health.: To support the immune system, improve digestion, reduce blood pressure

Features strawberries. Useful Properties

Member of the family Rosacea (there are more than 400 varieties!) Season berry picking lasts from May to July. It was then the most delicious strawberries, the most sweet and very useful because it is collected directly from the garden. Maturity of strawberries is estimated by the color and shine – the red berries, so they are more mature. Strawberry Red due to the presence of plant pigments (polyphenols) which possess significant antioxidant effect. It is so strong that the strawberry is the most powerful dietary antioxidants.

Strawberry scent is one of the most complex in nature – it consists of more than 300 well-known and many unknown substances. This may be the reason that some people are allergic to strawberries.

Important!Be wary add strawberries in a children’s menu for the first time.

Strawberry – a storehouse of many valuable substances. In addition to water (90%) it contains a large amount of nutrients. vitamins, phosphorus, iron, manganese and copper do strawberries very useful berry. The content of 6-9% sugars (fructose and glucose) is suitable for diabetics.

Note! The content of the large amount of water and a minimum of calories quickly saturate the body, stimulate digestion and thus help to lose weight.

Berries are rich in essential vitamin C, which is necessary for the protection of our body: it strengthens the immune system, has anti-inflammatory action, promotes healthy eyes, skin and hair. In 100 g of product may contain an amount of vitamin, which can cover a large part of the recommended daily dose. 

A good source of iron has a beneficial effect on the blood and is a good prevention of anemia. Strawberry also transports the body vitamins E and K, manganese, phosphorus and potassium.

Folic acid has beneficial effects on blood formation and cell growth, and reasonable consumption of strawberries is very important for pregnant women to protect children from defects.

The high potassium content of strawberries has a diuretic effect, adjusts the high blood pressure, improve kidney function, eliminates the edema.

The greatest amount of manganese supports the metabolism, the nervous system, it is necessary for the formation of blood, increases libido, improves the condition of hair and skin, stimulates the production of thyroid hormones.

Calcium nourishes bones, teeth, hair and nails. Due strawberry tooth enamel has a high quality, whiter teeth have become.

Citric and malic acid in strawberries have a disinfecting effect on the digestive system and improve the absorption of iron from plant foods.

Pectin (fiber) reduces blood cholesterol levels, vitamin C carotene, flavonoids and tannins have a beneficial effect on the digestive tract and the cardiovascular system.

Medicinal properties

Many health benefits bring these tasty little red berries:. Help in the fight against various diseases, help to get rid of the shortcomings of the skin

    • Strawberries struggling with allergies and asthma.
    • The berries have anti-inflammatory properties that can help speed up the healing of wounds.
    • Ellargicheskaya acid helps to lower cholesterol, helps to strengthen the blood vessels and arteries.
    • Helps our body to produce hormones that are associated with the happiness of the production of serotonin in the brain controls mood.
    • This is a very healthy food for pregnant women.
    • strawberries slow down the aging process by fighting free radicals that occur as a result of pollution and sunlight.
    • Excellent prevention of cancer. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of strawberries help to reduce tumor growth.
    • Improves eyesight and reduces the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.
    • If there were wrinkles, strawberries help fight them. Strawberry mask can work wonders.
    • Strawberry – a natural product for whitening teeth


Sweet strawberries contains rare antioxidants, which help the body fight inflammation and especially the harmful effects of free radicals, it is a great help in cleansing the digestive system and the whole body. It supports the metabolism and digestive processes. Body gets rid of toxins and other contaminants.

Due strawberry flavonoids have anti-inflammatory properties and reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, prevents the accumulation of platelets, lowers blood pressure and improves memory, increases vitality suppresses fatigue and malaise. Flavonoids together with fiber to help maintain regular bowel movements and help with constipation.

Heart disease is currently the number one killer, and this should be treated seriously. Strawberry has a protective effect on the heart and blood vessels, helps to protect them from damage. Strawberries should be used for people with various cardiovascular diseases. It can lower blood pressure.

Spring berry promotes normal operation, the central nervous system: has a soothing effect, improve brain function and memory. Diuretic action helps to divert excess water from the body.

Powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help reduce the growth of tumors and to prevent its further spread.

The concentration of vitamin C prevents formation or appearance of eye diseases such as cataracts.

Strawberries in cosmetology

Strawberries not only contributes to our inner health, but also effective when applied externally. Salicylic acid helps to treat acne and removes dead skin cells. Acids help reduce skin pigmentation. Berries contain a number of important substances that are essential for the skin, hair and nails. Therefore strawberries are often used as ingredients in facial masks.

The mask of strawberry facial photo
strawberry face mask

When teeth need whitening you can simply enjoy the strawberries. Due to the high concentrations of vitamin C, they can disrupt plaque, because of which the teeth turn yellow.

Due to the constant exposure to the sun and pollution, our skin is aging faster, but this process can be slowed down. Strawberry – a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals that accelerate aging.

Strawberry mask – a powerful tool for acne and wrinkles. antioxidants contained in them makes this face mask is ideal for the summer, when sun exposure is unavoidable.

Some people do not find attractive freckles, and make them disappear, you can use strawberries instead of expensive creams or other means of treatment. When combined with other ingredients (lemon juice, sour cream, milk) Strawberry can naturally affect the color of the spots on the skin and whiten them.

If there are problems with dark bags under his eyes, strawberries also helps to get rid of them.

Strawberry mask that helps to remove freckles: a mixture of strawberries and lemon juice rubbed into the skin. This mask cleans the skin, lightens freckles and improves the general condition of the skin.

Strawberry medicine: the use of a few days to 1-2 kg of strawberries per day in divided doses cleans the blood, kidneys, intestines and joints.

Where else can use strawberries

With their bright color, they are a wonderful variety of food. They are perfect for ice cream, puddings, various drinks, milkshakes, cakes, desserts, summer and many others.

Note!The beneficial properties of fruit are lost during baking and other heat treatment.

Excessive consumption of strawberries can cause diarrhea and flatulence, and allergic reactions. strawberry consumption should be reduced for people suffering from intestinal diseases.

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