Pivoine treelike: care and breeding

Peony treelike – a beautiful perennial garden, flourishing with huge, fragrant flowers of various shades

Pivoine treelike: description of the plant

Today is grown in culture to 500 varieties of deciduous shrubs – Peony treelike. This plant is very loved by landscape designers for ruggedness and decorative appearance – in addition, at the end of flowering bush looks very attractive.

Flowering: peony tree

At the height of the peony with good care can reach two meters. Subject to all rules of growing in one place for direct flower grows up to fifty years. The diameter of the flower many varieties reaches 20 cm, delicate foliage, carved.

Additional information! Blossoms tree peonies for a couple of weeks ahead of herbaceous and flowering duration in different species varies between 14 and 21 days.

Culture is considered hardy and suitable for regions with severe winters. Peony tree very undemanding, resistant to disease and insect pests.

Care in the open field

Important in caring for this crop – it is timely watering and soil loosening. Under every bush when watering should pour ten gallons. Watering is carried out twice a month.

Note!Due to a strong root system, peony may, without prejudice to survive drought.

The day after the irrigation of the soil is cleaned of weeds and loosen in order to facilitate the access of oxygen to the roots. It is impossible to loosen the soil deeper than 5 cm.


This plant requires intensive feeding of. With thanks peony perceive dressing in which a lot of nitrogen and potassium. At the beginning of growth should make nitrogenous compounds, and the ties between the buds need potassium and phosphorus. It is important not to overfeed flower, otherwise it could get sick rots. Fertilization combined with irrigation.

Trim nion treeafter flowering

The plant does not like pruning. After flowering wilted inflorescences are cut, but do not cut the branches. not be cut in the autumn flower, as in the old wood formed flower buds of next season. Peony treelike needs only sanitary pruning, during which remove all broken, podmerzshie and weak branches.

If the plant is heavily podmerzli winter, it will help to save his crop in early spring almost to ground level.



Beautiful peony bush can be easily grown from seed, plant it in the spring or before winter. But in this case, see the flowering bush can only be 5 or 6 years.

Planting material is not stored too long, as the seeds quickly lose their germination. Seeds sown in moist soil at a depth of about 1 cm. Planting place shed water. Already for next spring will plant seedlings.


Reproduction peony tree possible and cuttings. Plant cuttings in midsummer. To do this, choose semilignified shoots kidney. Designated cutoff washed in growth stimulator and then deepened branches into wet soil.

It is desirable of grafted peony in a greenhouse, and leave the young plants in a greenhouse until the spring. Cuttings – a time-consuming method of reproduction.

Preparing for winter

Important!In a region with harsh winters it is necessary to properly prepare for the winter tree peonies.

Do I need to cut the tree peonies in the winter? The plant is not afraid of themselves frost and thaw earlier. The fact that the first bushes with a warm start to go into growth, and return them to the cold can kill.

In late October, it is necessary tree trunks zamulchirovat peat and bush runners tie. Closer to the frost bush is recommended to impose spruce branches or wrap bags.

Peony treelike – an ancient plant that is grown in the past centuries as a medicine. Caring for shrubs is so simple that it can handle even the most inexperienced grower.