Properties leaf mustard

mustard greens or as it is otherwise called, salad or sareptskaya mustard is not so popular in our country, as the same spinach or salad, although the taste and useful it can make them a decent competition. This plant is widely used in Asian cuisines.


Features Culture

The taste of the mustard leaf – delicate but with mild ostrinkoy. The food is mainly consumed young juicy mustard leaves, they can be used in salads, and it is a great addition to meat and fish dishes. The use of leaf mustard in the form of course is most useful cheese, as the product retains all the vitamins and nutrients, but nevertheless leaves young leaf mustard can also braise, boil, add salt, kvass and dried. In addition to salting and preservation of the leaves are young succulent stems leaf mustard.

Note!According to useful properties or qualities of mustard greens can be compared with spinach, watercress or so common nowadays arugula.

Mustard sheet: useful properties

Its leaves contain a lot of vitamin C and B vitamins, carotene, rutin, calcium, iron, mustard essential oil. The use of leaf mustard improves appetite, the overall strengthening of the body’s cardiovascular system, strengthen the immune system, the digestive system.

Exterior sheet mustard may vary significantly depending on its type. It leaves may be green, not large, but the variety Krasnolistaya, for example, larger leaves and the color of their brown-red.

When flowering leaf mustard releases the stem, reaching a height of 1.5 m, on which are arranged small golden yellow flowers collected in the brush. The fruit is a leaf mustard pod with dark-brown seeds.

How to care

Grow leaf mustard is not difficult. It is cold-resistant plant, so plant it can be in the open ground from early spring and winter can be grown in greenhouses mustard.

To ground mustard greens are not too demanding, but loves moisture. Earth well loosened before planting furrow depth and make 1-1, 5 cm at intervals of 30-40 cm, after which they are thrown leaf mustard seeds. Per square meter takes only 0, 5 grams of seeds. After planting ground watered.

As soon as the first shoots of mustard leaf or first true leaves, thin out the plants with an interval between them in the 5-6 cm. Care leaf mustard is timely watering, loosening the soil around the plants and removing weeds. Depending on the grade of maturation period leaf mustard is from 25 to 45 days.

Important!Harvesting should be carried out before the plant will meet to bloom, that is, until of stem, leaf when the height reaches 10-15 cm. Thus, you can receive up to 0, 5 kg of leaves leaf mustard with a meter square.

To extend the deadline for receipt of the crop, you need to sow the plant periodically.


Dangerous enemy lettuce during its growth are cruciferous Fleas – these are small black flying bugs and jumping, the size of 2 mm, which gnaw holes in the leaves, and may eventually destroy the entire lettuce crop before it matures.

To prevent their appearance regularly need to loosen the soil around the leaf mustard and be sure to remove weeds from the garden.

Additional information!If the crucifer flea beetles have already started to attack the bed of leaf mustard, the fight against them can be dusting of double-layer gauze bag with a mixture of equal parts of wood ash and tobacco dust.

Also suitable spraying decoction or infusion of tobacco and drug volaton. Another way to protect the sheet from the mustard beetles – is planted in between rows of garlic, because it scares them.

The plant has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of natural origin.