Natural fertilizer for strawberries: how to cook

Home Strawberry (Fragaria) Do not need artificial fertilizers from the store, filled with chemistry. To collect a high harvest of berries, it is necessary to make fertilizers in which they need: such as phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen. Homemade tools that are used for fertilizer will help deliver more nutrients to plants and provide rich strawberry harvest.

Homemade strawberry fertilizer

A good strawberry harvest depends on many factors: climatic and weather conditions of the current season, varieties and integrated care. Despite the importance of these elements, the crop to the greatest extent depends on whether the strawberry was properly fed. Strawberry feeding in the spring during flowering and fruiting is very important.

Important! You can feed the garden strawberry only at a soil temperature not lower than +8 – 10 ° C. At a lower temperature of the roots of the plant do not absorb fertilizers.

Specialized stores have special fertilizers for strawberries. You can also make it easy to prepare your own plant food to preserve the ecological purity of the products. Some of the fertilizers for strawberries that can be cooked independently:

  • herb residues;
  • Coffee Mushroom;
  • Nasty nettle;
  • manure;
  • Deficuous compost.

Use of herb residues

In many gardens, there are a lot of grass and other plant residues. Cut grass on flowers – natural fertilizer for plants. Surplus of bevelled grass is used for mulching strawberry beds. Thanks to mulching, moisture is preserved longer in the soil, and the mulch adds fertilizers to the roots of plants due to slow release. In addition, the soil remains loose, and it does not have to loosen so often. To achieve the best mulch results, close up fresh or dry grass in the soil.

Used coffeeyna thick

This is a famous fertilizer for strawberries. This is due to the content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in it. So that strawberries was ?? large and sweet, she needs more potassium and phosphorus.

coffee – fertilizer for strawberries

Coffee contains acid, and can reduce the pH of the soil. It is good for strawberry plants, as they prefer slightly acidic soil. In addition, the coffee grounds attracts rainworms that breaks the soil, and the strawberry is best grown on loose soils.

Please note! Flow and ants do not like coffee thick, so it is also a preventive measure against them.

Despite the good properties, one coffee grounds as a fertilizer for strawberries is not enough to get a high harvest. It is best mixed with compost or organic fertilizers with slow release.

To add plants more nitrogen, you should mix coffee thick, with rich nitrogen horny flour. The proportion of mixing 1: 1 is ideal. Each strawberry plant is easily 35 grams of the mixture.

Important! To fertilizer can quickly bring a full effect, support the soil wet. Strawberry, experiencing stress due to drought, cannot absorb nutrients. Therefore, on time, and after making fertilizers, it is necessary to make a sufficient amount of water.

Nettle fertilizer for strawberry feeding

One of the most popular natural feeding is a tapping feeder, which can also be used as a fertilizer for strawberries. This plant is rich in nitrogen, potassium, calcium, magnesium.

Liquid fertilizer

How to cook liquid fertilizer from nettle? Machine leaves of nettle, sliced ??in small pieces, put in a bucket, about 10 liters of water. Cover the mixture with a lid and breed about two weeks. When the liquid darkens and the foaming will stop, home natural fertilizer will be ready to use. Break-liter liquid fertilizer in 10 liters of water, and strawberry plants are watered one or twice a week. You can add a small amount of leaves directly into the soil or place them around plants when watering.

Compost and Manure

For autumn fertilizer, compost or manure are suitable. Organic long-term fertilizers provide long-term plant supply with nutrients in spring.

Compost from manure or leaves is used for strawberries in the preparation of soil. Fresh manure is harmful to plants. The ideal time for manure fertilizer is one or two months before the strawberry landing.


It is best to mix it with the soil. If there is no manure, you can use sheet compost. Making a sheet compost is the same as the manure.

Strawberry Fertilizer Slash

The asola is rich in potassium and other important trace elements. Opinions on the use of ash, as fertilizers diverge. Some call wood ash special fertilizer to obtain a high harvest, others warn on the use of wood ash. The problem is that the content of heavy metals in wood ashes is not known. There is a risk of enriching the soil toxic substances that fall into the body through the berries.

Wood ash

To use ash as a fertilizer for garden strawberries, only ecologically grown wood should be used and maximize 30 grams per square meter.

Dairy serum

Dairy serum replaces purchased fertilizer, and safe for humans. Proper feeding serum is a guarantee of a good crop.

This kind of feeding can exist as an independent, but better together with humus, manure, ash.

The goal of the last feeding is that the strawberry bushes lay the colors buds, prepared for the next harvest, as well as to enhance it before wintering, so as not to freeze. During the formation of buds and fruits, the strawberries need potassium, in connection with this, the chicken litter should be made in the soil, wood ashes.

When fertilizer strawberry

There are many information about how many times a year fertilize strawberries. Various information is based on different types of strawberries, so fertilizers depend on its variety. Strawberry plants need a lot of nitrogen in early spring and late autumn.

Strawberry always fertilize in the spring and after the last harvest in the middle of the summer or at the beginning of autumn. It creates flower buds in autumn, and for this, it needs a lot of energy and nutrients.

Additional information! The flow of nutrients for fruiting varieties should be low, otherwise there is a risk to reconcile the plants, and they will no longer bloom.

The removable strawberry is particularly demanding on growing conditions, because it fertures the whole season, and should be provided with nutrients throughout the season. Fertilize these plants approximately every two weeks.

Strawberry needed a lot of sun, loose soil and proper nutrients. So that the berries of strawberries acquired a sweet taste, it needs a sufficient amount of nutrients. Therefore, it is best to make mainly organic fertilizers in the soil.