Stam roses: planting and care

stam roses – a small tree with a thin trunk smooth and lush canopy of blooming roses – a lively bunch of impressive dimensions, growing in the garden!

What is stam roses

It is not derived form a separate and profiled grafted rose to a strong and healthy run (60 to 180 cm) hips bush, which at a certain height is grafted one or more species of cultivars of rose.

Rose grafting stam – a special technology of cultivation, when the inoculation is carried out not in the root neck and the upper part of the trunk.

Seedlings better to buy in containers with closed root system. do not dry up, the young plant to quickly get accustomed to the new location – The roots are well preserved.

Given the unusual appearance and the nature of the origin of these plants, they need good growing conditions: enough light windbreak, regular fertilization and pruning branches, timely watering, shelter for the winter, and so on..

In trunks root system more than other kinds of roses, so the planting hole digging deeper and wider (depth 70 cm, width 60 cm). If plants are planted somewhat close, the distance between them should be about 1 m.

Trees are susceptible to the presence of groundwater, it is desirable that they occur at a depth of 1 m or more.

Planted trunks better in the spring when the soil is heated-up to 10? C.

It is important to choose the right place to land. Ideal – plot on the sunny side, protected against strong winds. Being in the sun and in the shade, the plant is experiencing the same discomfort. It is better to place them on the south side of the site, in the light penumbra.

Note!Seedlings are planted in a pot, even in summer, without injury to the plant.

Before planting, the plant is cut weak and damaged shoots, roots soaked in water. At the bottom of the landing pit made drainage, poured a small amount of fertilizer. To a depth of 50-60 cm, scoring the support. This will protect land from damage, without which it will bend and can break. Seedlings are planted at a distance of about 10 cm from the support, obliquely, buried 15 cm below the ground surface. Gently straighten the roots in a hole, covered with soil and tightly tamped. After planting abundantly watered. The plant is fixed in the ground for about two weeks at an angle, and then tie it gently to a support in the middle and near the bottom of the barrel. When the crown will be heavy, will need to tie up, and beneath it.

stam rose garden

It is important to remember in time to feed and water the plant. Magnificent flowering plantings depends on the application of fertilizers and fertilizing.

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Further shtambovoy for rose care:

  • abundant watering;
  • competent pruning depending on the varieties of roses;
  • the removal of wild shoots;
  • the elimination of withered buds;
  • loose soil;
  • warm wintering.

Root circle should be exempt from weeds, loosen and sprinkle mulch.

Care and growing standard roses is also in the fight against various pests and diseases. In the fight against pests are of great importance preventive measures – the purchase of healthy planting material, regular inspection of plants, the use of biological, mechanical and chemical methods of protection.

To protect the tree from destruction, you can use special preparations against pests. It is suitable for all varieties of roses. Spraying is carried out twice a year, in early spring and summer.

For standard roses are characteristic of the disease of the usual roses:

  • rust on rose leaves;
  • purple and black spot;
  • mildew;
  • gray mold flower buds.

All of these fungal diseases are caused by infectious fungi. The leaves of the plants covered by spots, dry up and fall off gradually. Branches wither and fall off their buds. For the treatment of fungal diseases of plants treated with fungicides.

When caring for stam trees focuses on pruning. The main goal pruning – to form a beautiful crown. Form stam rose next spring after planting, before bud break. Shoots that formed on the wild rose is removed.

Crohn shtambovoy rose

form a cup-shaped crown or spherical shape. A step by step process of pruning.

  • First, cut off the shoots of the first order, leaving them on 15 cm with 2-4 buds. which will create the skeleton of the trunk.
  • a second-order shoots completely removed.
  • The branches that are growing in the wrong direction or thickening crown removed.

Spring pruning is carried out, depending on the plants belonging to garden group. Shoots hybrid tea rose, floribunda rose group miniature roses and not too short cut (5-6 left kidney). Strong pruning (when only 2-4 left kidney) promotes the formation of shoots too powerful tall violating crown shape. In pletistyh cut faded last year shoots, leaving the young shoots of substitution. In cascade (groundcover) are shortened main and side branch.

Rose twine is cut at 15 cm from the end, leaving most of the flight, which remains from 3 to 6 units. kidney.

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Important!The slices necessarily need to process garden pitch, tools for grafting and pruning desirable cleaned with alcohol. This will protect the rose from contracting diseases.

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rose on shtambe own hands

If you have the skills how to grow a rose garden, you can create your own rose tree, but standard roses need more time for breeding and growing, compared with shrub. To be vaccinated can be not only in the spring (April-May), but also in summer (July-August).

How to plant a rose on the bole?

The main method of kidney graft taken from another cutting roses.

When budding is necessary to consider the compatibility of rootstock and scion.

Impart to bole wild rose can be any kind of garden roses. Taken mature buds from shoots on which the flowers faded, and the wood was formed from the middle of the stem of annual shoots. To achieve positive results, it is possible to instill several buds, it will wish to obtain a pink tree with different colors that will be beautiful and unusual look. Bloom is a tree will be on the second or third year.

formation bole

Rosehip on the bush, whose leaves one the strongest high and flexible escape (from 1.5 to 2 m) other branches are removed, and this escape is inoculated selected varietal roses. The bark of the stock should not be too thick, so that the graft was well received. After 2 weeks, if the swollen bud and turned green, assorted Rose settled down successfully. Blackened kidney means that she died. In such a case it is possible to conduct re-inoculated lower run.

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How to hide stam rose in winter

Stam protect plants from cold weather you need to freeze the soil. The shelter is removed nevyzrevshie leaves and shoots. From pests and diseases, damage by rodents standard roses being taken. Trunk trees gently break up the root collar is tilted to the ground fixing with metal arches. Crown placed on a dry cloth and shelter protective material. Top covered with foil or roofing material. Root and stem covered with earth. Shelter is removed only when the threat of severe frost has passed.

If shtamb not bend, pink tree cover in the standing position. First hiding Kroon, for example, hay, burlap or top tied agrovoloknom which is fixed below the inoculation place.

Grow a pink flowering tree stands so that it was adorned with gardens. Unusually decorative, it is perfectly combined with the usual roses on the beds. Next to the bole harmonious look undersized flowers.

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