Rose Rosarium Yutersen

On the colorful floral rose beds are allocated, differ from each other in color, shape, flavor, height. There are more than 15,000 varieties, which are joined in the group garden. To grow in his garden roses wish many flower lovers.

Сlimber Rosa Rosarium Yutersen Description

German breeder W. Kordes introduced gardeners climbing rose Yutersen Rozenkenigin (has several names) in 1977. At that time, she has not made much of an impression on the growers, as the flowers looked like an old-fashioned sort, but then rose has gained popularity worldwide.

Uetersens Rosenprinzessin rose Climber refers to a group, which bushes with straight, sturdy shoots do not require support. High, up to 3 m, it expands to 1.5 m in width. Bushes covered brilliant, deep-green leaves, tassels with thick densely terry flower flat rosettes diameter of 10 -. 12 cm They can be single or in racemes 5-6 pieces. Large pink flowers reminiscent of old terry roses. One flower petal in more than 100 pieces. Delicate floral aroma, with a sweet apple notes.

Rose Yuterzen begins blooming in early summer bloom until September. Flowering is always abundant, the flowers are resistant to adverse weather conditions, are not affected by rain, wind.

Rosarium rose climber Yutersen has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include:

  • High decorative;
  • Excellent hardiness;
  • not picky in care;
  • resistance to major diseases Rose.

Disadvantages find numerous sharp thorns, the difficulty in prigibanii shoots for shelter for the winter.

Rose Yuterzener Klosterroze planting

Own plant rose Uetersener Klosterrose simply. All roses love light and heat, so the place must be open and brightly lit, especially important in the first half of the day.

Select for Rosarium Yutersen need illuminated sunny plot, protected from the north wind and drafts. You can not select low, too wet places. Groundwater should not be higher than 150 cm.

It will not grow the plant and under the canopy of large trees. Best place – the southern and south-western side of the site, with fertile land to the extent of light.

The landing pit for the culture prepared in advance. This must be done in the fall, or 2-3 weeks before seedlings landing. The size of the landing pit depends on the root system (about 0.5 – 0.6 m). At the bottom of the drainage layer is poured, a part of the soil is mixed with manure and decomposed poured into the pit. The best time of planting spring, when the soil warming to + 10 degrees. In the southern regions of the plant can and autumn.

Seedlings should be carefully selected. In shops selling seedlings with closed root system (container) and open.

Additional information!If it is possible, it is better to buy a seedling in the container, because the root system it is better preserved, less damaged during landing. The plant grows quickly and blooms.

2-3 has good seedling stem, with no signs of disease. The kidneys must be at rest, leaves and flowers should not be.

NoteThe plant is prepared for planting in the ground – all damaged roots are cut to a healthy place, all the shoots pruned by one third. You can omit the seedling in a mash of clay to the plant is better rooted in the new location.

All the roots in the landing pit straightened, covered with soil and carefully compacted ground around the bush. Then rose abundantly watered and spud. Grafting on the stem deepens in different ways, depending on the climate and soil composition.

Features care rose

For normal development and an abundant flowering rose Rosarium needs a dressing several times per season. These flowers love the organics. Rose can not overfeed a lot of fertilizer: the plants can start to build up a lot of green and get away from flowering.

In the spring, when the rose buds begin to dissolve them need to feed fertilizer containing nitrogen (for stimulation of growth) and in flowering time – feeding with a significant fraction of P. Fertilizer with potassium in the summer-autumn period reinforce plant immunity for good wintering.

ImportantYou can not feed the roses fresh manure – the roots of the plants will burn


Since the beginning of the growing season the plant needs constant watering. In the absence of rains bushes watered every 5-6 days, after two or three days after watering the ground is well loosened. The soil around the bushes carefully zamulchirovat better to let the moisture evaporate slowly.

Baby roses in the garden is also associated with the regular removal of old and diseased shoots. This encourages the emergence of young shoots of the bush and gives a beautiful shape. Pruning shrubs is done in the spring, summer and autumn.

  • Spring pruning is carried out as soon as the plants begin to grow. Remove damaged and dead branches in winter, forming a bush that was not too thick, the shoots did not create a shadow to each other.
  • Summer pruning – the removal of dead flowers, damaged and wild shoots. Wild shoots should immediately cut as soon as they appear.
  • Autumn pruning shrub makes a stronger and prolongs its youth. Roses that have not been trimmed in the fall, worse tolerate winter are more prone to freezing.

Proper formation of the bush increases flowering and easier to care for. During trimming leave the central vertical shoots in order to minimize the width of the bush, and facilitate follow-up care. The cut shoots performed on the kidney, the inward of the bush. Once bush acquire the desired shape, pruning should be stopped, that the rose can bloom properly.

Rosarium Uetersen rose resistant to diseases such as powdery mildew and black spot.

Preparing for winter climbing rose

To successfully wintered roses, they need to prepare for this. Yutersen Rosarium has a high resistance to frost, but in regions with harsh climates it is desirable for winter shelter.

Mandatory autumn pruning: shrub will be easier to hide for the winter. It is necessary to remove all the leaves of the bush, dry flowers, or under cover, they may rot, leading to decay of petioles, and even entire shoot. Cut out the weak, damaged and nevyzrevshie stems.

When the temperature is still above zero, the whip is removed from the support, twisted into bundles, tie and bends to the ground. Shoots in the bush are strong enough to bend down to the ground they must be gradual.

Early November – the best time to cover the structure. Before the onset of cold weather is necessary to insulate the root system, earth mounds and peat, dry leaves.

If the cold does not come, insulation can be carried out in parts. Shelter roses is required when the set temperature 5C – 7C. Scrub harbor any covering materials and spruce spruce branches. The spring cover is removed and treated plant Bordeaux mixture or copper sulfate

Climbing rose Yuterzens Rozenkonigin not fussy, and it may even grow novice growers. Her gardens are used for decoration of arches, gazebos. It has a huge advantage in the design of the site, as it can be the perfect decoration for any vertical gardening buildings.