How to dry rose

To keep the plant botany-lovers and scientists collected and dried them. The world’s oldest living rosette found in Germany and it is believed that she was 1000 years. Roses often constitute a special case, as a reminder of a pleasant moment which would be desirable remember long.
arid rose

Herbarium of roses

Roses – the symbol of perfection. They are beautiful in full bloom, fragrant. Always sad when a beautiful bouquet that is so dear to us, is fading. Century living bouquet of short-lived, but its beauty can be stored for many months, to dry the bouquet, or creating a souvenir for a special occasion. It will not look worse than fresh flowers, recalling the long summer or pleasant moments.

Herbarium – a dried and pressed plants are often attached to a sheet of paper. Pressing plants between pages of books and drying are easy and do not require much effort. The correct method to use the buds, which are slightly parted, those who are beginning to lose its petals to dry is not necessary.

How to dry rose petals at home

How beautiful roses to dry? It is best to work with fresh, healthy, who have kept their full color and have not started to wither, darken.

Stems have not cut too short, leaving a 15 cm or a little more.

Note!It is necessary to tear off the leaves from the stems, as they retain water and slow down the overall drying process.

You can immediately arrange a bouquet of roses before drying, so they were ready for use.

How to dry roses,How to keep a rose bud forever. The easiest method of preserving roses? dry them in air. Air drying is best suited for small bouquets and bright blossoms such as roses, Fully ripe racemes lose their petals during the drying process. This method is best suited for rosebuds, which is about to open.

Stalks tied around individually and hang in a warm, dry and dark place with good ventilation for two weeks. In a dark room the pitch has not changed much, but the effect of light on them change color. Inflorescence is covered with gauze, so that they are not the dust settles. After drying it will be difficult to remove without breaking the flower. As soon as the branches are completely dry, carefully remove them. Contact should be cautious, since they become brittle.

Dry air rose

How to dry beautiful bouquet, bud and rose petals at home

Dried roses in various ways:

  • air drying;
  • in the book and under pressure;
  • drying in dryers;
  • drying in water;
  • in ovens;
  • microwave.

How to dry rose in the book and under pressure?

The heavy book, which is not so important, the plant is placed between two sheets, putting the blotter. Depending on the size of the book, you can compress several at a time, arranging them so that the moisture from one bud not transferable. When you close the book to make sure that no violation of their location. Using more books or other cargo weight the book as soon as it is closed.

arid rose in the book

It is important to change the blotting sheets every few days. After two or three weeks buds are completely dry. Carefully remove the rose as it dried very gentle. Bud after drying would be flat (can be used for panels, paintings, floral collage or postcard).

Using the dryer for drying roses

The drying agent is a product with the texture of sand, which absorbs moisture from roses, causing it to dry quickly and uniformly. There are several products which can be selected as the drying agent: Borax (sodium tetraborate), corn flour, white flour, semolina and oatmeal and silicate gel.Etot method is also effective when used sand.

Rose in sand

Pour desiccant into the container and to insert the stems of rose that it was right. If there is more than one dry rose in the container, between them should be not less than 2 cm.

Put a rose in the dryer on top of falling asleep so that it fills the space between the petals. If the rose falls to the side leveled it.

In an airtight container leaving the plant for 1-2 weeks. Possible packaging adhesive tape pasted on the edges for additional sealing. Standard roses dried 2 weeks, mini roses need to dry after 1 week.

Taking out a sprig of container desiccant shake gently brush the petals until the rose is not clear.

Drying water –old way

This works well with strong stems, or when they want to remain on the stem buds. Dried in this manner, they retain their original appearance, so look more natural.

Drying in water
  • Place the flowers in a container with a small amount of water.
  • The container is put in a warm place, protected from sunlight.

The water will gradually evaporate, allowing petals to dry slowly, and they will look more natural after drying. This process can take anywhere from one to two weeks.

Drying oven

Drying ovenrequires a controlled temperature of about 30 degrees, so this method is only used in modern furnaces. In this way, often uses if there is no space for hanging and drying in the air, or if you need to quickly dry the plant.

Note!Recommended finally dried in the oven all the bouquets, which were dried in the air, so that they are dry and are not formed mold.

  • Set the temperature at 30 degrees and leave the door slightly ajar.
  • Arrange the herbarium on a baking sheet, single layer and place in oven.
  • From time to time turn every fifteen minutes.

When the petals become crunchy and brittle, remove them from the oven. Depending on what kind of dried rose, this process may take from a few minutes to several hours.

How to dry using a microwave

This method of drying is performed with silica gel, which can be found in industrial shops. The gel retains the shape of flower buds and can be used again and again.

Drying of silica gel

In a safe container (do not use cookware that is designed for a meal), the bottom is filled with (3-5 cm) of silica gel, or a little more for large inflorescences.

Placing them in a gel is poured gently on its petals on top, so they do not stick together. The open container is placed in a microwave oven. The temperature in a microwave oven (which must be constantly testing) and time will depend on the type of plant. Periodically check their condition.

Once dry inflorescences, pull them from the oven and immediately cover the container and leave for a day.

Then clean the gel with petals thin brush and cover with acrylic spray (can also be purchased in stores for needlework).

The secrets and advice from experienced gardeners

  • Dried flowers fade quickly in the sun and intense heat, so they must be stored in cool places away from windows.
  • you can try to defrost mode, which is better suited for delicate and fragile petals for a delicate zasushivaniya.
  • To save the shape and color of the petals, it is better to take advantage of the bulk drying dryer (a substance absorbs moisture well).
  • If the form is not important, or need a flat (creating paintings, collages, murals, etc.), It is possible to dry rosebud in a book or under pressure.
  • If you want to plant quickly dried up, then come to the aid of a microwave oven.

Can I keep the house dried roses? There is a sign that the house can not decorate any dead or artificial bouquets, but only alive. There is no particular reason to forbid people to keep dried bouquets. All the techniques of drying flowers can turn into souvenirs. Experimenting with different techniques, you can choose the one that will have the best results.

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