Roses in the garden landscaping

Roses – a wide variety of flowering plants. Landscape design flower beds of roses – it’s not just decoration of a garden plot, and an art. He is able to make the garden beautiful and unique.

Preparation infield

Many owners wish to equip the gardens beautiful and comfortable space of land with their own hands, having mastered the basic elements of landscape design. When choosing a place to plant a rose garden, it is necessary to consider not only the features of the soil and climate, but also the compatibility of crop that will grow in the neighborhood. Rose beautiful alone, but also with other colors, it looks great. A small rose garden or a few shrubs on the lawn, front gardens will give a whole new look.

hedge roses

Planning flower bed near her house passes in an accessible area for viewing. Decorate flowerbed border of low crops or fences do this from a suitable material (stones, plastic, brick or wood).

Rosary gives the opportunity to show him a different creative approach. Options for filling a large number of beds, but first it is necessary to consider how to cultivate flower beds. The flowers looked impressive and did not hurt, it is necessary to correctly choose the composition of shades, and the plants that the pieces fit together.

In any place, from the backyard, and the angle to the main entrance, you can choose the perfect place for a flower garden: along the fence, under a tree or around any object garden.

Roses portion

Most flowering plants require full sunlight. You can create beds in partial shade or shade, but it will limit the selection of the plants. Design design a flower garden after a chosen place. Flower bed can be made of different design:. Square, rectangular, etc. Ambush flowerbed high and dense vegetation can mask the unattractive place in gardens. Unsightly walls can be completely hidden roses.

The combination of roses in the rose garden on color and how to plant roses in the country is beautiful? Roses have an important role in the garden. A variety of grades, which differ in size and shape of the bush, coloring buds bloom length can create different compositions in the development landscape.

Rose in landscaping

Groups companion, if they choose the right supplement beauty of a rosary. What to plant next to the roses, and how to choose suitable for their neighborhood ornamental plants?

Popular mixed groups, which rose perfectly in tune with a catchy other cultures. To group looked harmoniously, it is necessary that the timing of their flowering falls on different time. Give the rose garden, you can finish small flowers (they are laid out with all of the blank areas).

Rose and conifers

It is perfectly acceptable to mix flowers with ornamental grasses. Annual and perennial grass perfectly coexist with rose bushes. They cover the ground vegetation carpet zadekoriruyut lower part of the flower bed.

Types of rosebushes on a bed

Dimensions beds and their locations affect the site design. Small space foresters plant low-growing flowers. In a large rose garden grow roses of various shapes and sizes.

By a combination selected shade petals of rose bushes, form an attractive transition from one color to another. In one desirable flowerbed grow flowers only warm or cold tones or combining related color. It looks beautiful flower garden with white roses in combination with the dark green. Bright colors attract the eye in the first place, so the red rose is placed on the most prominent place, closer to the center of the flower beds. Nearby you can land a white, blue or cream-colored flowers are small. Roses in the garden landscaping

Before starting the planter on a bed, it is desirable to make a plan or layout colors. This will avoid difficulties in caring for the flower garden and prevent crop diseases. Dacha decorate not only shrub and park roses, but stam trees, climbing and even ground cover varieties are grown on it.

Roses for specific beds are selected in view of their special properties. Where the rose bushes are the main, other large shrubs are not planted. Green foliage will replace decorative during flowering buds. Different height, shape shrub roses are used in various parts of the flower bed. Tall shrubs placed in the background, medium, with bright blooms in the middle, and the fillets, ground cover in the foreground.

Additional information!stam trees look spectacular thanks to their unusual sight.

  • Growing dwarf roses suitable for small-sized beds or as a live border,
  • looks great on a bed hybrid tea varieties, about a meter in height.
  • Variety floribunda blooms until late autumn and do not require special attention.
  • Climbing roses on the site, with the arc-shaped flexible stems are used for decoration of arches, arbors and walls of buildings.
  • High bush planted near the fence, in the center or in the background of a large flower garden.

Small courtyard decorate vertical plantings. Hedge of roses is suitable for vertical gardening. Along a fence or wall planted bushes that have abundant and long bloom. For single-row hedges used stunted rose. Multilayered fence consists of two or three tiers, the rose plant in staggered rows and the distance between them is kept approximately half their height.

Arches, arbours, climbing roses decorated harmoniously fit into any style gardens, with braided like melkotsvetkovymi and grandiflora cultivars. Arches covered with climbing species determine the transition from one section to another garden.

Arches of roses in a landscape design

How to make mixborders with roses and other flowers

Mixborders – the most popular and sophisticated look of flower beds, which will be continuously bloom in the garden throughout the season. It differs from the curb and ridges in the landscape alternates different groups of vegetation. Improve the flower-mixborder can be infinite, but it is better to start with the most simple and affordable schemes.

Optionally flower garden grow exclusively from roses. What to plant on a bed of roses? They can decorate the planting of conifers (juniper, arborvitae), which will decorate a flower bed all year round. Coniferous culture perfectly set off the bright colors of their green foliage. However bulbous plant can primrose or culture neyarkimi flowers.

Beautiful background create tulips, pansies, sage and lavender. The rose garden is also planted perennials – this is a good opportunity to extend the decorative flower garden. Classic companions roses are considered irises. The unusual shape of the inflorescence and unobtrusive shades petals beneficial shade of rose. Caring for the same iris is very simple and not difficult.

Additional information! A flower bed of roses and perennials – this is something that blooms all summer every year


Further care for roses on a bed and mixborders

For the rosary is necessary to create suitable conditions. The best of its location – sunny side, with fertile soil and protected from strong drafts terrain. Most flowering plants, especially annuals, need full sunlight for at least six hours a day.

  • Sunlight is needed for better flowering.
  • shrubs need room to grow, so you need to plant them too close to each other, so that later do not delete. Planted too close, they will be more susceptible to disease. In places where the trees are young, you need to take into account the fact that as the trees grow older, they may obscure the rosary.
  • The culture need a well-drained soil rich in organic matter. In the planting hole add compost or other organic matter.
  • Shrubs require deep watering at least once a week. In the southern regions twice a week.
  • Many bushes have thorns, and where children play or going to visit should choose a less prickly varieties.

Note!To the flowers looked impressive and did not hurt, it is necessary to correctly choose their neighbors, such a combination than roses.

Beautiful mixborders will bloom throughout the season, will attract attention from early spring until autumn. Good place for a comfortable growth and flowering rose garden – loamy, fertile and fairly loose soil. Marshy and avoid shady areas. Culture does not tolerate stagnant water: it stops the growth and infestation by fungal diseases.

Roses on the lawn for the duration of flowering can not be compared with any of flowering shrubs or perennial flowers. Thought through policies flower bed and studied the recommendations of the designer can make the garden unique.

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