Roses in the country. We plant a rose garden with his own hands

Grow Roses in the country and enjoy the beauty of beautiful roses thinks any gardener. There is nothing that will decorate the territory of the suburban area is well maintained luxurious rose garden. it seems difficult for novice gardeners, and not all fans are solved with their own hands to build such beauty.

How to approach this issue

If with full responsibility and a great desire to come to this point, everything will be easier and simpler than it seemed in fact, and then the cultivation and care for roses is just a joy. If you have a desire to build a rosary in his dacha with his own hands, you can read in this article about the features of growing roses.

Dilute the rosary with his own hands

First you need to consult what are the rosary and whatever you choose to you like it and are well suited for your area. To fit the place was always beautiful, rose continuously fragrant flowers, planted different varieties of roses that have different flowering time. Supplement flowerbed can be more and other colors, then a flower garden will delight from early spring to late autumn.
Having grown roses in pastel shades you will achieve a romantic design and comfort in your garden that will delight you and your mood.

Decorate territory roses

To decorate the front door, you can use high shrubs with contrasting shades of massive foliage.
If you are planting a flower along the track should be noted that bush over time razrastotsya and branches will cling to clothing. To do this, pull back on half a meter from the edge of the track.
On small plots of roses planted in a ditch, or in places that they are inspected from one side. So they will not take up a lot of territory.
Climbing roses are very well suited to the design of arches and pergolas, decorate the walls, terraces and fences.

If the area allows, it would be an ornament of the Rosary, which is planted in the center of the tall plants, and to the edge of undersized.
In the neighborhood of roses here will feel good irises, asters, primrose, pink, pansies, delphinium creating a beautiful song a kind of carpet.


Recommend planting roses in the spring, choosing a suitable place for them, because it is essential for good growth and flowering rose garden. These plants love the light and heat and so they should be planted in a bright place and protected from the cold vetrov.V shady places can be planted climbingrose, they would feel in such a place perfectly.

Care rosary

Care rose bushes in the country easy, just have to be carried out on time watering regularly make organic and mineral fertilizers, crop, dry, old and diseased branches.

In the autumn of shrubs, especially if the climate in this area is cold, you need to prepare for winter. All activities for the care of a rose garden ends in late summer or early fall to plant prepare for winter and easily suffered the cold.