Propagation by cuttings of garden roses bouquet

How I would like to given to us by a bouquet of roses pleased us as long as possible, but time passes and roses wither. However, there is a way to extend the life of charming roses for many years – is to implant them into the soil. If done correctly, you will soon cuttings of roses can grow magnificent rose bushes.

Preparation of bouquet cuttings

Grow rose from cuttings only from high quality material. You can hear the opinion that you need to harvest the cuttings when the petals of a rose has not yet fallen, others argue that it should be done after the petals fall. The smaller bouquet will stay in the water, the more likely to grow out of it beautiful roses.
Care should be taken so that the bouquet of roses constantly stood in the clear water. If the stems in water will rot, the bush grow from cuttings is impossible, since the stems fall pests and roots will not form.
For a bouquet of roses to care. Before being lowered into the water, the stalks are cut diagonally. At night, a bunch zanuryayut into the water on the surface leaving only the flowers.


After admiring the beauty of the bouquet in a few days you can start harvested cuttings. It is this method is mainly cultivated rose garden. What you need to do to out unsightly branches grew a beautiful flower? You need to know how to cut the cuttings from the stem. Quality materials are obtained </ span>from the middle of the stem with three buds. Top cut pieces evenly down diagonally.
For operation using a sharp instrument – a knife or secateurs. The upper section was treated disinfecting agent. After these manipulations the prepared material ready for germination.

Methods of rooting roses seedlings.

Growing rose bushes of the bouquet, you need to pay attention to the cuttings so that they let the roots. How to do it correctly? There are several popular methods of rooting seedlings. Lower into a moist nutrient medium, it can be: earth, water, potatoes. Or wrapped in a damp paper raw materials. More amenable to germination of cuttings from local varieties of roses. Imported flowers treated with a special tool, so that they were longer. This makes it difficult to root penetration. In these roses it has the opportunity to grow, but they will form roots more.

The best time for growing roses from cuttings – it is spring and summer. In winter you can keep the cuttings prikopalis them in the ground and having covered well.

To accelerate the process of sprouting roots can growth stimulator by placing the material in a solution with a stimulator for 6 hours.
Of the home remedies can be a growth factor from a solution of honey or juice of aloe, soak them for a day.

Germination in water

Sliced ​​and prepared petioles lowered water which is changed every day. Capacity exhibited a brighter place. After a certain time can be seen in the thickening sections, which form the roots.

The pots with nutrient soil

The pots with nutrient soil, shoots sprout the fastest, so this method is the most popular. You can use plastic cups. At the bottom of the container was placed drainage of small pebbles, sleduyuschiy- layer of soil, top-sand. Land should be loose and fertile.

Planting the cuttings in pots, well-watered, from the top cover glass jar or plastic bag. Planted these roses in the garden when they formed good shoots.

sprouting in tubers of potatoes

For this method, choose a healthy and powerful tuber, removing or cut it in the eyes. Make a well and put in it a germ. In the prepared hole omit tuber and fall asleep ground. Top cover with a transparent item, creating a greenhouse effect. Gradually, when there will be small shoots, briefly open: so the plant is adapted to the natural conditions.

The method Burrito

Cuttings tightly on all sides, wrapped in wet newspaper and put in a tight dark bag and store in a cool place. Periodically they are browsing, turn, remove unusable. All the time you need to keep track of the humidity of the paper.
These simple methods can be on your plot to grow a rose garden.

Propagating roses from cuttings, you will always be an opportunity to grow your favorite.