Caring for roses in the summer. The feed rose bush

Beauty Rose can not always please the riotous color during the summer bloom. It happens that throwing a few buds, roses do not want to bloom. What happens to it, and what action to take? It turns out that roses need fertilizing in the summer as in spring to bloom beautifully. In the summer, in the heat, the roses need fertilizing, especially after flowering, to gather strength for the re-release of buds.

The feed bush roses?

Correctly chosen fertilizer to resolve the issue of bright flowering roses. You need to pick up a complete nutrition for roses as phosphate fertilizer has a greater effect on flowering, potassium and nitrogen in the shoots. Phosphorus during flowering need. Mixtures are prepared of two parts, one phosphorus and nitrogen and potassium.

Organic fertilizers are applied together with the mineral. You can make overrotten manure or chicken droppings.

Fresh manure under roses not introduce, the plant can die because of the high concentration of nutrients. Humus is diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 4, insisting for several days, and then diluted with water 1:10. and this solution fed shrubs.

When fed the roses?

Roses need to feed the whole season, not just when we want them to bloom luxuriantly. First feeding takes place after the spring crop stems. Apply nitrogen and organic fertilizing under a bush to grow young, strong branches.
During the summer the rose garden, fertilize several times. In June, fed for a violent bloom, in mid-July to support the plant after flowering in late summer nourish nutrients.

Spend fertilizing garden roses in two ways – the root and foliar. At the root plants watered at the roots. When foliar applied infusion grasses (weeds) are soaked in water and sprayed diluted plant. When the root method, it is desirable that the soil under the bush was wet, dry weather when foliar selected.

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