Climbing roses in the garden. Varieties and species

Roses are planted in places where they decorate their lush flowering garden areas. But it happens that this beauty bloom poorly or does not want to bloom. What reason does not give the rose garden bloom to full flower, and how to remedy this situation? Reasons that roses bloom poorly or does not want to bloom are different.

Caring for roses

To bright garlands pleasing to the eye the whole season you need to learn how to properly care for them.
Climbing varieties in landscape design are used very often. Fans of this beautiful lot and hedges of flowers can often be found near the private houses and summer cottages.

In the first year the plant does not require special care. His main time watered and fed throughout the season. Water the young bush about once a week. Roses moisture-loving plants, but watering must be moderate. Water the roses once a week. With a lack of moisture leaves begin to turn yellow.

Breeds and Types

climbing roses
Varieties have a lot of the Queen, and before you understand the features of the care of shrubs available with the types and varieties of climbing roses.
Rose “polka” grows into a powerful wide bushes arcuate shape reaching from 1.5 m to 3 m, leaves dark green and large spikes. Sort Artist fans rose for resistance to disease, frost, abundant flowering. Flowers apricot color 7-9 cm in diameter, for gardeners who like double flowers. Flowers can be poodinochnye, and in the hands of a few.
One of the best varieties of “Bobby James” – abundantly blooming rose curly. Flowers – medium, white, semi-double, in racemes, 4-5 cm in diameter with a bright green glossy foliage. Distinguished by their smell having muscat flavor. These bushes grow strongly, and they need strong support.

“Sympathy” – as one of the most common varieties of climbing roses. It blooms large (up to 10 cm) velvety purple buds. twigs can be up to 4 m. Starts abundantly bloom bloom in June and the summer. Resistant to strong frosts.

“Indigoletta” with beautiful, a little unusual lilac color double flowers, will be a wonderful decoration of the facade of the house, arches, arbours. Rose is resistant to disease, feels good in the sun and in partial shade. It flowers profusely and continuously. The plant is vigorous. Varieties of species of roses are many and they are all beautiful.


You are familiar with the varieties of climbing roses and choose your favorite. Proper planting is important for the further growth of the bush. All roses love warmth and sunshine. They do not like to grow in a darkened place. When planting it is important to make a recess in the nutritional composition for good plant growth. This may be humus, humus, chicken manure or fertilizers. Roots freely positioned in the hole, fill the earth and compacted. After planting, water the plants should be well warmed in the air with water. Cold water from a well, water rose bushes do not recommend watering.

Cutting and shaping of the crown

Climbing roses should always properly cut to form the crown. If you do not cut the shoots dried unproductive, it will not be able to go to the bush. Rose releases new shoots replacing old ones. Remove old branches allows you to keep climbing shrub in perfect condition. Early spring remove podmorzshie shoots. We need to maintain a number of shoots, to the bush freely ventilated and lighted. Remove old branches, forming a crown in the spring need to re-flowering shrubs. On a bush leave 3 do7 strong young shoots.

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