How to plant a rose garden in the open ground in summer

Love beautiful rose gardeners and try to take care of it, that she blossomed luxuriantly and pleased with its beauty as much as possible period of time. To properly care for the queen of the garden, you need to constantly learn all the rules of caring for her.
Planting roses in the summer
Planting: rose summer

planting roses in the ground rules

Many gardeners are interested in a suitable period for planting rose bushes. Selected plant pink bush at any warm season: spring, summer and fall as the root system, and cuttings. But you need to know about proper planting in every season to work a success. The best time for planting roses with a root system in spring and autumn.
There are such moments, you need to plant a flower in the summer, although experts say that this period is not suitable for growing these plants. Still, to put a rose in the summer maybe if you buy a sapling, whose root system is in a container with fertile soil.

With bare-root plants are unlikely to take root in the summer. For them it is stress, high ambient temperatures the root system is poorly developed.
If you decide to plant rosettes in summer, choose a seedling in a container, it is well examined. Try to choose healthy, with no damage or stains instance. Prefer bush with several woody shoots.
Qualitative sapling – is the key to a good rooting of the plant.

to start planting seedlings purchased, soak it with a container for a few hours in the water, the container is easily acted without damaging the roots, keeping the clod of earth on the roots of the plant. .

The choice of the landing site, where and how to plant rose

It is necessary to prepare the site for planting, choose a suitable location for the roses, which they love. This light, draft-free garden plots. Dig wells need to advance to the soil can settle down for a few days. Rose bushes have long roots, so prepare pits depth of 50-60 cm, placing it in the roots of seedlings freely without bending or wringing them. It is very important. At the bottom of the hole you can put compost, sprinkle it with a layer of earth. Posada and tamping the ground near the hive, it is necessary abundantly watered in the sun-warmed water. When planting is necessary to pay attention to the neck of the plant so that it sprinkled the ground at 4-5 cm.
If a sapling planted in hot weather, it is worth pritenit from direct sunlight. Above the bush mounted frame to which the tensioned covering material. This will protect the plant from drying out until the roots do not take root. A few weeks later the shelter can be removed.

For new rose bushes need to organize care to keep the soil beneath them does not dry, watering 1-2 times a week under a bush, periodically fed with organic and mineral fertilizers.
Taking care of a rose garden with love, you will achieve it by lush flowering.