Pruning rose bushes. How to make

One method of care is timely rosary cutting shoots. Roses delight of extraordinary beauty and riotous color, if you hold a pruning bushes correctly. Seasonal pruning garden roses conducted with certain rules for the appropriate time of the year.

Pruning rose bushes

The main crop of shoots held roses in early spring and autumn. Summer can be carried sanitary removal of dried flowers and branches.

Through proper regular cleaning of the rosary, he is given an opportunity to strengthen the roots – the nutrients will flow evenly to all the shoots. rose bushes will be hardy to any diseases, colds and will bloom profusely.

How is pruning roses in the spring

During the spring cutting shaping the future of the rose bush. In early spring cut the old, withered and podmorzshie shoots. Decimated hives, and healthy young stems are cut, so that they grow and stimulate kidney awakening to the abundant bloom. Very early to cutting the shoots do not recommend, since spring frosts can damage the young shoots, but also delay the timing is not needed, the plant will spend on power growth.

Sanitary pruning

Spend the summer in order to improve the appearance of a bush. Cleaned dried, broken, diseased or damaged branches pests. Faded flowers are removed before the first leaf. Adults shrubs in the summer may overgrown, losing its decorative appearance and they must clean up.

How to carry out after trimming the plants lush flowering to encourage them to continue to bloom? Flowers on the bushes are removed when they are wilted, not waiting until they are showering. When cutting blossoms grip the stem, until the first leaves.

Autumn pruning roses

When autumn pruning remove overgrown shrubs in the summer, diseased branches. The main crop of the rosary is held in the spring, when seen badly overwintered twigs and healthy with swollen kidneys.


Cut garden roses garden tools sharpened to do on the plant ragged cuts. These places are treated disinfected to rosette quickly delayed wound. Garden tool use clean prodezinfitsirovanym to avoid the infection of the bushes pests and pathogens. Browsing and cut at the bushes growths, in which there are pests. Pruning thorny bushes held in tight gloves, not to injure your hands.

Healthy stalks are cut above a healthy bud 0.5cm, making the cut at an angle. Patients dried branches are cut at ground level.

The degree of pruning roses

Rose pruning is carried out in the garden three degrees: short, medium, high. Gardener chooses how to spend pruning roses, given the variety, size and how he wants to see the bush from a decorative point.

Short pruning – shortened escape to a third of the length of the branches.

Average crop – shortening the stems by half of their growth, to stimulate low-growing varieties to re-bloom.

The high degree is used for newly planted bushes, shortening stems held by a third.

Experienced gardeners can apply to all kinds of one bush trimming, aims to encourage the growth of young shoots to rejuvenate the bush, contribute richly flowering shrubs and of course to maintain the decorative appearance of the plant.

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