Caring for garden roses in all seasons

charming roses are grown people since ancient times. Every amateur horticulturist able to grow a beautiful flower on his plot of land. Grow a rose bush in the open field or in a greenhouse is easy, if you approach this subject with the knowledge of plant cultivation technology. This is necessary to understand and your garden will smell the beautiful flowers of roses.

Care rosary

The first thing to know in the care of such seedlings – this is the correct watering. This plant likes moisture but excess is harmful to roses. Basically it watered once a week, if not dry days. If there is a drought, in this case, watering should be done more often by morning or evening hours.

Water for irrigation is necessary to select suitable for these plants. Roses need soft water, containing a small amount of salts. Pre defending water can solve this problem. After watering, with good care, you need to loosen the ground, so that the roots can breathe.

Feeding rose bushes

An important aspect in growing roses is their dressing. Roses need to be fed from early spring to early autumn – the season, not only when they want to make to bloom luxuriantly. First feeding takes place after the spring crop stems. Apply nitrogen fertilizers under a bush to grow young, strong branches.

During the season of growth and flowering it is recommended to fertilize the bushes a few times. The nutrient solution is selected depending on the time of year. For a complete feeding of rose bushes need organic and mineral fertilizers ..

If the soil at a certain portion of the acidic need to make the land of ash, hydrated lime.

In the spring, freeing plants from hiding and cut off the stems begin to dry feeding. Making rotted manure or bird droppings with complex mineral fertilizers. Organic fertilizer in the form of mullein, chicken and horse manure or rotted need to make in the form of liquid subcortical.

Pruning shrubs roses

Pruning roses depends on the type of rose, but many methods can be used for all types. Rose bushes are starting to cut in the spring with a different purpose. If the newly planted bush, or to rejuvenate old, pruning is carried out at a distance of four kidneys from escaping. This type of pruning to stimulate weak plants to grow.

Summer pruning is performed after the first flowering, to give a plant well-groomed appearance and to provoke the next bloom.

To inflorescences were lush, pruning is carried out at a distance of seven kidneys from escaping.

Stimulates rapid flowering garden roses cutting all the stems.

In the autumn necessarily cut all non otverdenevshie green shoots, broken and damaged by pests branches, gently pluck all the leaves.

Protection against diseases and pests

It may happen that the grown bushes in the rose garden can be attacked by pests and diseases. Pests from plants much, and if during their notice, then this problem can easily handle. At the initial stage can be carried out combating diseases folk remedies. The most common mildew. With it, you can try to deal with the help of a soda solution. Spraying is necessary to carry out a few times.

Pests of roses – moth, spider mite, sawfly bring great harm to the bushes. Sawfly forms within the bore stem.

Affected plant parts are removed and for preventive measures sprayed rose infusion of wormwood. Floral bushes are periodically inspected for the presence of pests and diseases. If they showed signs of illness should immediately take appropriate measures to neutralize the plant from various misfortunes.

Preparing for winter

Blooming rose bushes pleased you all the warm season, but there comes a time of cold weather and need to take care of that beautiful garden successfully wintered. The bushes are cut back, removing the dry damaged and diseased branches shelter for the winter.

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